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The world of wireless communication, of M2M & IoT have known for years that the obsolete GPRS (2G) networks should be migrated to the state-of-art 4G LTE network worldwide.

Thus, the single most important challange nowadays the IoT world is faced: how to migrate the obsolete 2G/GPRS, 3G communication devices to the latest 4G LTE technology?

No need to worry though – WM SYSTEMS LLC is there for you!

The upgrade of the currently used 2G/3G communication devices to the 4G-level should be performed in the near future. Utility companies and energy providers dispose of a rather tight timeframe for this migration.

Our wireless modems represent a future-proof migration solution to the LTE network with the same functionality, on higher data speed.

For retrofit purposes, we offer our 4G devices with migration-platform modules with the same connection and meter manufacturer standards’ compatibility and the usual outfit – with 2G fallback compatibility (if you still need to use it).



  • installed meters can be used without changing metrology
  • snap-in modems (drop & plug, easy installation)
  • 4G with 2G fallback (backward compatibility with current systems)
  • long-term solution: the 4G LTE will be used for 10 years or more


   for Itrón® ACE6000 / ACE8000 and ACE SL7000 meters

  • RS232/RS485 compatible RJ45 connection
  • It provides transparent data link to the HES centre (remote meter readout of meters)
  • Snap-in modem, installable into the meter enclosure
  • Design & connectivity satisfy Itrón® standards
  • Power supply from the metrology (DC power)
  • „Pull” data sending (for HES request)
  • Supercapacitor / IEC 62056-21 protocol
  • Remote & safe firmware updates, configuration by SMS text, free configuration tool


Industrial RS485 Modem®
   Universal external modem for Itrón® ACE6000/ SL7000 meters   

  • RS485 (2 or 4-wire) connection / RS232 (optional)
  • It provides transparent data link to the HES centre (remote meter readout of meters)
  • Meter data DL and configuration on the provider’s request on pre-determined schedule / on-demand
  • It can be installed and fastened by external (also has a C-rail adapter option to mount/fix)
  • Design & connectivity satisfy Itrón® standards
  • External AC power supply is required
  • „Push” data sending / IEC 62056-21 protocol
  • Scheduled data sending / trigger by alarm
  • Remote & safe firmware update


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Technical details


modem for Itrón® ACE6000 / ACE8000 / ACE SL7000 meters

WM-E2S modem



for Itrón® ACE6000 / SL7000 meters (Universal external modem with compatible connection and firmware)

External universal modem



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