2G / 3G / 4G LTE Cat.1 / Cat.M / Cat.NB modems for the Itron ACE6000, ACE8000 and ACE SL7000 electricity meters
Electricity meter
Smart Metering
Wireless access
RS232 / RS485
FW Updates
Remote Access
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Wireless communication modem that has been designed specifically for the automatized remote readout of Itron® SL7000, ACE6000, ACE8000 type electricity meters.

The device can be ordered with various wireless module types.

You can save money by using our modem because furthermore there is no need for manual readout of the meter systems.

The device is installable into the enclosure of the meter and it is connectable through its RS232 / RS485 connector.

The device answers the „Pull” requests of the HES center by transparent data sending through the wireless network. It can send data by CSData call (2G) also.

Suitable for remote readout of registers and consumption data of the connected electricity meters, download of load profile.

The modem is configurable by our WM-E Term® software.

It can be also installed as an external modem by an optional DIN-rail adapter.


Main features

  • Supporting the 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.1, Cat.M, Cat.NB networks – module options with „fallback” feature
  • It can be assembled into the meter’s enclosure and fastened securely (sealed and separated from meter)
  • Design & connectivity meets with meter standards
  • Compatibility with the Itron® ACE6000, ACE8000 and SL7000 (3W) electricity meters
  • DC power supply from the metrology
  • RS232/RS485 transparent data connection (RJ45)
  • „Pull” data sending (for HES request), CSData call
  • Immediate alarm- and SMS notification
  • Remote & safe firmware updates
  • Downloadable WM-E Term® configuration tool
  • Supercapacitor option (against power outages)



  • Utility companies
  • Meter data transmission to HES
  • Smart metering
  • Industrial measurement

Technical details

Design and outfit

  • The modem is installable into the meter enclosure
  • RS232/RS485 interface connection (RJ45 connector)
  • DC power supply by meter
  • Supercapacitor option (upon request), Last Gasp notification



  • Itron® ACE6000, ACE8000 and ACE SL7000 meters



  • IEC 62056-21 protocol, transparent data transmission
  • „Pull“ data sending (for HES request)
  • CSData call (2G)
  • Immediate notification, SMS messages, DCD control



  • RJ45 cable (for meter connection/configuration)
  • Optional FME antenna (50 Ohm) – upon request
  • DIN-rail adapter (optional) – for external modem installation
  • WM-ETerm® configuration software


Technical data



Product Datasheet

Quick Guide

Installation Manual

WM-E Term User Manual

WM-E Term Appendix

WM-E Term v1.3.38 configuration software

WM-E2S Configuration for Itron ACE 6000, ACE 8000 meters
WM-E2S Configuration for Itron SL7000 meters

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