Pulse signal collector and transmitter modem for smart metering with an independent operation, long-life battery

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Wireless transmitter
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Utility meters, sensors can be connected to our pulse signal counter and transmitter modem.

The device collects the consumption values and sending the data through the NB-IoT cellular network to the data center of the energy provider.

The smart modem has a standalone and intermittent operation. It wakes up at the configured interval to transmit the collected data to a server IP address.

The modem has a special internal battery, which provides energy for more than 10 years (or 4 000 data sending cycles).

The device can be installed to smart meters (water, gas, heat, electricity), sensors or smart energy networks of the public utilities.


Communication / Operation

  • Continuous pulse signal collection, counting
  • Scheduled data sending via LTE Cat.NB network
  • FTP „push” or TCP/IP data sending
  • SHA-256 data encryption


  • Tamper switch (top cover removal detection)
  • Cable cut detection
  • Acceleration and motion detection
  • Hall sensor (magnetic field detection)
  • Leak detection, excessive flow/consumption detection
  • Battery capacity monitoring


  • IP67 waterproof design
  • Internal battery for more than 10 years of lifetime
  • Additional extendable flash memory (order option)
  • WM-I Term software (remote configuration, schedule of wake-up / data sending intervals, firmware updates)


  • Utility companies
  • Energy providers
  • Smart metering (water, gas, heat, electricity)
  • Smart cities

Technical details


  • Independent operation, server connection (FTP, TCP/IP)
  • Continuous reception of signals, data counting
  • Safe and encrypted local storage of consumption data
  • Schedulable intervals for data storage and sending
  • Data upload with FTP, TCP/IP protocol in XML or JSON format via NB-IoT cellular network
  • Alert features and alert notification



  • Universal connection for energy meters, sensors for the pulse signal capable meters
  • Input for cable cut detection
  • Internal serial connection (for local configuration)
  • DC powered internal battery (with capacity measurement and battery status monitoring)
  • External antenna with coaxial cable / internal SIM



  • IP67 protected sealable enclosure with fastener points
  • WM-I Term software (configuration, firmware updates


Technical data