Pulse signal counter and data transmitter device for public utility meters with an internal, long-life power source

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Wireless transmitter
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Water metering
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Utility meters
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The device is capable of automated remote reading of any MBus-compatible meters (water, gas, heat and electricity meters).

The data acquisition modem receives, counts, and reports counter data from the connected MBus meter or sensor to the data center.

The smart modem is designed for stand-alone, intermittent operation. It is counting the incoming pulse signals in its stand-by mode.

It wakes up at the configured intervals and sends the collected pulses through the Narrow Band network to a specified server or data center.

The modem has a special type of internal battery that provides enough power for more than 10 years (or approx. 4 000 data transmissions).

The device can be installed for smart grid systems for existing and new utility meters.

In addition, any device can be connected, which has a pulse output.


Main features

  • Continuous pulse signal acquisition (on MBus)
  • Data transmission on Narrow Band network by:  data „push”, FTP upload, LwM2M / HTTP (JSON) protocol
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Configurable wake-up interval
  • Configurable data storage-, data transfer cycles
  • IP67 waterproof housing
  • External antenna (coaxial cable)
  • Internal battery power supply (>10 years lifetime )
  • Easy installation



  • Utility companies
  • Energy providers
  • Smart metering (water, gas, heat, electricity)
  • Smart cities

Technical details


  • Internal powered / server connection
  • Continuous consumption (pulse) counting
  • Readout of MBus measurement values from the device (configurable interval)
  • Adjustable data storage- and sending frequency
  • FTP „push” transmission via Narrow Band cellular network to a server (further transmission modes are planned for future: as LwM2M and/or HTTP (JSON) protocol)
  • Automatic data sending in case of exceeding the expected consumption value (adjustable limits)



  • Universal connection for MBus-compatible devices
  • Universal meter and sensor connection (type „S0” input) for pulse signal capable meters
  • Internal serial connection (for local configuration)
  • Internal power supply (battery with capacity measurement and status monitoring)
  • External antenna (on cable) / Internal SIM socket


  • IP67 protected enclosure with fixation possibility
  • Configuration software (free to download)

Technical data



User Manual

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