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Scalable modem with wireless data transmission capabilities, meter data interface connection.

Suitable for remote meter readout, meter data download and configuration on the provider’s request.

Design and connectivity satisfy the vendor’s meter standards.

It is part of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) of the utility company.


• Supporting Narrow-Band IoT Cat.M1 and Cat.NB1 (Telit® modem)
• Transparent link, internal data connection


• WM-E Term® tool, DMSet® software, configuration SMS messages
• Immediate alarm notification
• „Pull” data sending, scheduled/alarm triggered
• Remote & safe firmware updates


Design & Construction
• Separated and sealed isolation from the meter
• Compatible with Elster® AS220, AS230, AS300, AS1440, AS3000, AS3500 meters
• Power supply from the metrology (AC power)
• Power input surge protection from 4kV up to 12kV


• High availability
• Event monitoring
• Data encryption



  • Energy service providers
  • Utility companies
  • Electricity metering (remote readout)
  • Meter data transmission to the centre
  • Connecting meters to the Smart Grid
  • Remote access, maintenance


The modem PCB can be fitted into the meter enclosure.



The modem supports the NB-IoT (Narrow-Band) Cat.M1 and Cat.NB1 LTE-M mobile network standards, static IP addresses. Transparent data transmission, supporting TCP/IP.


Software features

• Auto network recovery in case of network issues
• Remote data download (such as metering values, parameters, load profile, log)
• Remote configuration and firmware updates
• Alarm notification and reports
• Realtime clock



  • Optional Narrow-band antenna (SMA, gained)
  • Optional DIN-rail
  • WM-E Term® configuration software


Technical data

wm-e3s nb

Pay attention to the following products

WM-E Term configuration tool

WM-E Term configuration tool for the Elster, Honeywell, Itrón compatible metering modems



CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE-M / Narrow Band modems for Honeywell / Elster AS220/AS230/AS300 and AS1440, AS3000/AS3500 electricity meters


Narrow Band Modem for Elster / Honeywell Alpha meters

External, industrial Narrow-Band modem with serial port for the Honeywell / Elster A1500, A1700, A1800, A1140, A1160 Alpha electricity meters


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