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Central monitoring of street lighting operations, switching of lighting units remotely – suitable for simultaneous operating of 4 street lamp groups, i.e. hundreds of lamps).

Our solution contains a switch box and a smart metering modem inside a coverage – as one device.
The product is capable of receiving the P1 customer interface data of WM-E3S® electricity metering modem. During the operation, it counts the light switching, operation hours, by using daylight saving time, according to the current time zone.

The device connects via CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / LTE-M & Narrow Band networks to the server and serves the relay switch requests.
The switching can be initiated remotely from the centre on-demand or by scheduled intervals.
It also provides reports from the daily events.

It constitutes a cost-effective, safe, reliable and future-proof solution, which offers efficient central services. It assures low investment costs by decreasing operation outages, saving cost (by optimizing the lighting hours).

The Remote Device Manager® provides remote management & monitoring of devices for operating the street lighting network.



  • Central switching for authorized persons only
  • 4pcs relay for control (two switch modes)
  • Light switching by schedules, depending on weekdays/sunset/geo-position – or on-demand
  • Event and operation monitoring and reporting
  • Remote parametring, fw updates, reboot
  • Supercapacitor against outages
  • Security features



  • Utility companies
  • Street Light providers
  • Smart Grid operators
  • Municipalities


  • It can initiate TCP connection through Ethernet (RJ45) interface
  • CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G LTE /LTE-M Cat.M / Narrow Band Cat.NB



  • 4pcs relais (2 switch mode (COM, NC), dual switch mode (COM, NC, NO))
  • Isolated RS485/IEC-1107 interface
  • P1 customer inferface connector (for WM-E3S electricity metering modem connection)
  • Ethernet (RJ45 LAN)
  • uSD card (by order option)


Energy Monitoring software

  • Scalable smart grid control and public lighting systems control (OSLP protocol)
  • Supplier requested on-demand central lighting control
  • Handling time zones, daylight saving, schedule
  • Monitoring operation, event reporting, outage management
  • Authorized access and control
  • Data analysis, energy optimalization
  • Alerts (outages, consumption reductions, energy falls)


Remote Device Manager

  • Complete communication device network management
  • Continuous device operation and network monitoring, reports, alerts, QoS monitoring
  • Remote configuration, firmware updates, reboot



  • Highly secure TLS data encryption, communication
  • Supercapacitor against outages
  • OpenWrt embedded system (Linux-based device operating software, web UI)
  • OSLP open protocol (device-server)
  • Tamper protection
  • Time synchronisation / NTP client / RTC
  • Event memory (power failures, switching)


Technical data

Load Control Box

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