Cellular-based fault monitoring for commercial fire alarm control panels (FACP) via 2G

Safety transmit
2G/3G/4G access
Fire alarming
Fault detection
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Cellular-based alarm systems cost significantly less and are way more secure than traditional landline-based solutions. 

Security companies can acquire the device and negotiate IoT flat rate SIM cards in masse with mobile operators negotiating prices that allow them to rent the complete solution to customers for a monthly fee and make a significant profit. 

Improve the ROI of your customer’s security system investment by extending the life of their existing alarm systems, making them even more secure. Ensure loyal customers by offering the latest technology and new features your competitors already offer. Upgrading their existing system will make them less likely to switch providers. 

Our fail-safe cellular fire alarm communicator transmits the alarm signal from the control panel to the emergency dispatch center. This product is suitable for fire alarm signal transmission and alarm system monitoring. With a simple installation, you can upgrade any fire alarm panel for signaling via the cellular network. There is no longer a need for landlines ( 2 POTs lines per FACP) used in most legacy fire monitoring systems. 

The existing fire alarm system can be easily connected.  Detected alarm system failures are received through the two input lines, which can also be used for fire alarm system monitoring and surveillance, wire cut, and sabotage detection. In case of status changes, our device generates immediate alarms, which will be quickly transmitted – in standard Contact ID format (CID codes) – through the mobile network to the IP address of the monitoring station. Periodical life signals are also emitted at pre-configured intervals. The device can be ordered with 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M communication modules.



  • Guaranteed wireless fire alarm signaling through the mobile network is launched within the critical and declared 10 seconds (law in many countries).
  • Alarms on events can immediately be notified by SMS text messages (up to 4 phone numbers).
  • You can also control an external device, or switch a siren through the output. The pre-configured device is easy to use. The communicator can be accessed remotely.
  • Automatic self-tests with central station notification ensure the cellular system is operational.


Operation modes

  • Analog voice-call based fire alarm signaling (through GSM to the fire alarm center or by phone line)
  • Wireless fire alarm signal transmitting (to the dispatching center)
  • Fire alarm monitoring (of the connected fire alarm system)
  • Remote output control (switch external device, siren)



  • Safety providers
  • Fire alarming
  • Device monitoring

Technical details


  • Metal housing (easy fit to mount/wall, using fire alarm standard painting)



  • 2G / 3G / 4G mobile network (Telit® modems)
  • GSM voice (for traditional dispatch centers)



  • 2pcs isolated digital inputs (fire alarm systen failure detection)
    • voltage (high level: 5-24V, low level: 0-1V)
    • contact (0.3-1mA)
    • detection of wire cut, short circuit and sabotage
  • 1pc relay output (remote switch: 2A-120VAC, 1A-24VDC)
  • Simulated analog phone line (ALARM TIP-RING) input for fire alarm centers
  • Power/battery connector (8-24VDC, 800mA – terminal block)
  • micro-USB port (configuration, firmware refresh)
  • SMA-M antenna connector (50 Ohm)
  • Push insert-SIM card bay


Software features

  • Receiving fire alarm system signals and event CID code generating, providing life signals
  • Wireless fire alarm signaling for dispatcher center (analog GSM voice up to 4 phone lines)
  • Wireless fire alarm signaling for IP adresses (primary, backup server)
  • Handling zones, events
  • Voltage/contact input line change signaling (input line status changes)
  • Output switch with delay (by local, SMS commands, by calling/ringing, TCP)
  • Contact list for output control
  • Advanced alarm SMS text notification (reports, IO status, alarms)
  • Voice call/ringing alarm notification (up to 4 phone numbers)
  • Compatible with M2M Fire protocol (SIA CID/DTMF), Enigma protocol (Enigma II receiver, IP2 Receiver)



  • EasyTerm® parameter configuration software (Windows® is supported)
    • Configuration (serial port, SMS text commands, TCP/IP)
    • Firmware refresh/configuration download/upload (serial port, Ftp)
    • Remote access (TCP)
  • Operation status LEDs



  • Watchdog (monitoring and auto recovery)
  • Configuration settings locally stored
  • Siren connection (input line)
  • Wire cut, short circuit and sabotage detection



  • M2M Easy 2S FIRE® (module order options)
  • 5V micro-USB cable (for configuration, updates) – optional
  • Communcation antenna (gained, SMA) – according to module selection
  • EasyTerm® configuration software


Technical data



Product Datasheet

FTDI driver for EasyTerm USB connection (Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10)

Software – EasyTerm 1.3.5

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