Alarm alarm signal transmitting, Fire alarm center supervision, Video surveillance, Gate and barrier control




Wireless alarm signal transmission of connected alarm & fire alarm alarm & fire alarm transmittingcenters to the dispatch centre by our communicators in Contact ID (CID) format.

By this reliable, safe solution you’ll win a cost-effective and overall system. You can thus provide and maintain a trustable safety service. It is offered to be used especially in safety & fire alarm dispatch centers. 

The wireless alarm transmission is performed via CDMA / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / LTE-M / Narrow Band mobile network (system to be specified when ordering).

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Capable of using as alarm & fire center transmitting system or as a standalone alarm system – without dispatching fee – to transmit the signals of safety sensors and the status of external devices to an IP address.

Monitoring of life signals, device status. Immediate alarm notifications (SMS, voice) to the Customer/Dispatcher.

The current status, events, alarms or outages can be seen in the displaying system or the dispatching software.

The communicator has output connection(s) for the control of the external devices (e.g. gate opening, remote control). Expandable to 8 IN, 4 OUT.

You can also increase the level of protection (by adding our panic button, wireless sensors).

Key Features

  • Reliable alarm transmission (voice & data, standard protocols, 2nd IP address, backup/spare channel, auto recovery)
  • Traditional 2G/3G, future-proof and low-cost Narrow-Band access (Cat.M / Cat.NB modules)
  • Connection of your existing safety elements (alarm system, sensors)
  • Dedicated line for alarm center, inputs for external sensors, autonomous operation
  • Remote output control (gate opening, remote switch) by SMS, software
  • Continuous monitoring (reports, notifications, life signals, status changes, outage management)
  • Sabotage detection, bark/spare battery connection
  • Metal device housing, free configuration tool, cables, optional safety box or spare battery pack
  • Easy installation, operation LED signals
  • Remote access & configuration (TCP/SMS) and remote firmware refresh


  • Security & safety companies
  • Surveillance & dispatcher centers
  • Fire alarm centers
  • Private usage (home usage, for offices)
  • Building automation
  • Server room monitoring



The purpose of our visual safety surveillance is to increase the level of security and the functionality video surveillanceof an existing security system (for home, business or surveillance of remote installations).

Our wireless router provides fast transmission of high quality image and video streams (via 4G LTE mobile network).

The dispatch center or the Customer receives live images of the monitored location that will be provided by the connected cameras (cable or wireless IP camera types may be also applied).

The visual surveillance solution is expandable, it can be combined with security sensors – PIR motion, door, fire, smoke, etc . (In case of movement detection or when alarm event occurs, the current images and stream of the live situation will be immediately sent to the center and there it will also be recorded). A DVR device can also be used in the system to record images and videos.

The alarm system is monitored continuously from the dispatch center.

Secure and reliable solution. As it is possible to store the visual recordings locally on the mobile router – in case of offline operation, or use the FTP service on the router to transfer image data to a server – due to that the it has the ability to provide 4G LTE high-speed channel for transmitting streams. In case of loss of IP connection or cable cut, the wireless router will use a secondary communication channel.

Key features

  • Safety on-line surveillance and monitoring
  • Low cost investment – applicable with your current safety system
  • Dynamically expandable system
  • Live video transmission of images to the dispatch center in the 3G / 4G LTE network
  • Solution for protection against burglary and theft (storage of redundant data, secondary commercial channel, remote outage management)


  • Holiday homes and apartments
  • Visual observation of industrial zones, facilities
  • Server room monitoring



Our signal transmitter communicator can receive the incoming sensor signals of 2 input lines and transmit the input changes by Gate and barrier controlwireless network to a remote IP address.

Having this feature, the same device is capable of remote control of the output line. With its equipped relais, it can switch and control an external device (e.g. engine, barrier, complete gate system).

We have developed a special software for gate control and client management for hotels, parking garages, motels.

You can limit the entry for the authorized persons only and make it easier for your clients!

The remote control can be initiated almost realtime via mobile internet (phone or mobile app) or by a phone call/ringscomputer or an SMS text.

The device will perform the opening/closing of the gate or barrier when receiving a specific order from the validated devices, phone numbers or manually.

The clients and the operation can also be manageable from a free client software.

The current life signals and output status of the gate system can be checked anytime from the mobile app, SMS text.

The wireless control is operated through the CDMA/2G/3G/LTE 4G/LTE-M/Narrow Band mobile network (module order options).

Key features

  • Data transfer over mobile communication network – reliable, secure and fast
  • Cost-effective solution (control for 1-255 clients by one device)
  • The installation doesn’t require competency, easy to setup
  • Configurable remotely: mobile app, SMS text, TCP network computer or locally (serial port and a PC)
  • Free EasyTerm configuration tool
  • Remote configuration, fw exchange
  • Tamper switch and bark option
  • Alerts in SMS / phone call / mobile app when detecting changed input signals
  • Battery or DC powered
  • Input monitoring (signal changes, current input/output status, life signals)
  • Alternative output switch (pump, engine, irrigation system operation)


  • Parking garages
  • Motels, hotels
  • Access control 
  • Corporate fleet management

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