Isolated digital I/O concentrator for industrial automation and remote metering

Smart Metering
Digital inputs
RS485 output
DIN-rail Mount

The I/O & RS485 Concentrator is the ideal product for IoT system integrators. The product is used to read data from multiple front-end I/O field devices over one communication link and make the data available real-time to a back-end management system through another. This way conventional devices can be attached to a modern control system and through the Modbus RTU protocol easily communicate with most SCADA / HMI systems and PLCs.

The device provides the ability to save Data Logger information to an internal non-volatile memory, allowing real-time I/O channel data from the controller to be recorded. The data files are then periodically sent to the control center.

Modbus or TCP masters are able to read/write data from up to 32 slave devices via a galvanically isolated RS485 port. Our data acquisition concentrator has a modular plastic case, mountable on a DIN-rail. 

Multiple Applications in Smart Grid and Industrial Automation.

Cost-effective data acquisition solution for reading consumption data from meters (water, gas, electricity) or readout status of connected I/O inputs. The ability to integrate with SCADA systems and other industrial devices, and the reliable real-time I/O monitoring in combination with the data logger make this concentrator one of the most cost-effective products of industrial IoT.


Main features

  • Galvanically isolated digital inputs
  • Input type: voltage (WET & DRY)
  • Isolated RS485 port
  • Modbus RTU protocol communication
  • Configurable watchdog for monitoring Modbus communication and activity
  • Store of counter values in non-volatile memory: 
  • LEDs for indicating the operation, input status



  • M2M Router® RS485 edition
  • M2M Router PRO4®
  • M2M Modbus RS485 IO® gateway
  • Modbus RTU compatible PLC systems, Scada, metering applications



  • Impulse counting
  • Measurement data collection
  • Industrial systems, PLC
  • Monitoring of industrial devices
  • Building, factory and machine automation 
  • Facility Management
  • Environment Monitoring

Technical details

Design and outfit

  • ABS modular enclosure (EN 50022)
  • 35mm DIN-rail compatible mounting (to any position)
  • Wire connection with terminal block



  • M2M Router® RS485 edition
  • M2M Router PRO4®
  • M2M Modbus RS485 IO® modem
  • Modbus RTU compatible PLC systems,
  • Scada, metering applications



  • Power Supply (24V DC) – optional


Technical data

m2m io/rs485 concentrator


Product Datasheet


Technical Specification

Configuration tool

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