RS485 Modbus TCP industrial modem with 2G communication for 4 pcs of industrial PLC & Scada systems, impulse signalling and smart metering

Wireless modem
SCADA connection
4 Inputs / Relay
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C-rail mountable industrial 2G modem for receiving or collecting signals of digital inputs or impulse signals of meter systems.

The modem is capable of counting the impulse signals of 1 to 4 meter systems and transmitting them on GPRS (or on ftp by pre-defined intervals).

It also has an RS485 connection for PLCs (register readout) or M2M IO/RS485 CONCENTRATOR®.
The device can transmit data by Modbus TCP protocol. It is able to answer Scada server’s Modbus TCP requests and periodically replies to them (as Modbus RTU).



  • GPRS data sending (Gemalto® module)
  • RS485 connection (PLC/Scada/Data concentrator)
  • 4 inputs (digital or pulse/voltage)
  • 2 relay outputs (optional)


  • Modbus protocol communication / Modbus Gateway mode
  • Consumption meter compatibility (receiving and counting pulse signals)
  • Configuration software (on RS232 or RS485 port)
  • 2MB Flash memory for local storage, ftp relay
  • IO-expansion (receiving contact/voltage/impulse signal)
  • Remote firmware upgrades (ftp server)

Safety features

  • External battery connection  (spare power supply)
  • Watchdog circuit and system monitoring, log
  • Automatic mobile network connection recovery



  • Data collection (digital or pulse signal)
  • Forwarding data of industrial systems
  • Scada connection
  • Smart metering (remote readout)
  • Remote monitoring of devices
  • Remote relay control

Technical details

Industrial design

  • Industrial standard connection and outfit, solid metal casing.
  • Watchdog and system monitoring.
  • Rechargeable external battery connectivity.



  • The modem can connect to 1-4 consumption meters through the IO-port.
  • PLC/Data concentrator connection on RS485.



  • The modem has intermittent Modbus TCP/RTU communication and wireless GPRS data transmission capabilities.

Services and usage

  • Communication monitoring and logs
  • Stable IP connection with auto network recovery
  • Modbus communication (TCP master/RTU protocol)
  • Readout of PLC registers
  • Modbus TCP client/Scada server connection possibility


Technical data



Product Datasheet
Quick Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Configurator Tool

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