RS485 Modbus/TCP IO Industrial Modem for the remote control of industrial serial devices

Wireless modem
SCADA connection
4 Inputs / Relay
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WM Systems has a vast experience in developing cost-effective, easy-to-deploy industrial cellular modems optimized for M2M/IoT applications.

The M2M Modbus RS485 Modem has an RS232 interface for configuration, a RS485 connector, 4 I/O input lines, and 2 relay output lines. It is able to receive incoming Modbus TCP messages, translate them to Modbus RTU and forward data to connected devices via the serial port. It can be used as Modbus Master or Slave, allowing the remote control of serial industrial devices, which makes this the ideal product to provide stable, secure data transmission channels for remote industrial sites, factories etc.

It is a truly versatile product that can be used in many different IoT applications: as a protocol and interface converter, a data logger, a telemetry module or a general purpose industrial modem.

The RS485 can be used to connect PLCs (register readout) or the M2M IO/RS485 CONCENTRATOR®. The product was designed to work smoothly in harsh industrial conditions, has a rugged, IP51-protected industrial aluminium case, is able to operate at extreme temperatures and is mountable on a C-rail.



  • GPRS data sending
  • RS485 connection (PLC/Scada/Data concentrator)
  • 4 inputs (digital or pulse/voltage)
  • 2 relay outputs (optional)


  • Modbus protocol communication / Modbus Gateway mode
  • Consumption meter compatibility (receiving and counting pulse signals)
  • Configuration software (on RS232 port)
  • 2MB Flash memory for local storage, ftp relay
  • IO-expansion (receiving contact/voltage/impulse signal)
  • Remote firmware upgrades (ftp server)

Safety features

  • External battery connection  (spare power supply)
  • Watchdog circuit and system monitoring, log
  • Automatic mobile network connection recovery



  • Data collection (digital or pulse signal)
  • Forwarding data of industrial systems
  • Scada connection
  • Smart metering (remote readout)
  • Remote monitoring of devices
  • Remote relay control

Technical details

Industrial design

  • Industrial standard connection and outfit, solid metal casing.
  • Watchdog and system monitoring.
  • Rechargeable external battery connectivity.



  • The modem can connect to 1-4 consumption meters through the IO-port.
  • PLC/Data concentrator connection on RS485.



  • The modem has intermittent Modbus TCP/RTU communication and wireless GPRS data transmission capabilities.

Services and usage

  • Communication monitoring and logs
  • Stable IP connection with auto network recovery
  • Modbus communication (TCP master/RTU protocol)
  • Readout of PLC registers
  • Modbus TCP client/Scada server connection possibility


Technical data

m2m modbus rs485 io gateway


Product Datasheet
Quick Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Configurator Tool

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