PLC-Scada communication of industrial environments, remote monitoring of systems (data concentrators, modems, routers)




Our industrial solutions provide the transmission of site data from the connected industrial systems Modbus modemtowards a central server / Scada system.

Typically, this is processed by our industrial modems, routers or data concentrator devices through their RS232 / RS485 port or Ethernet port. These of ours all provide the required bi-directional communication for industrial purposes.

Our modem is able to receive the Modbus TCP request from a Scada system. Then the data are requested via Modbus RTU protocol on the site through the identified interface by the locally connected industrial/measurement device or PLC.

Then the replied request will be transmitted in Modbus TCP protocol by our modem to a distant Scada system – via mobile network (2G / 3G / 4G / LTE-M or Narrow Band) – in a secure way, by using a fixed IP address. There, the data will be evaluated and displayed on the client’s own system.

It is a cost-effective and reliable method for collecting industrial data on the site.

Our concentrators provide connection to more measurement systems (for example it provides inputs for 4 / 8 / 16 or 32 meter systems or PLC devices). The Scada requests are always served periodically, according to the pre-configured value at query server side.

The inputs types can be: contact, pulse, digital or voltage. In addition, some of our communicators also have relay outputs that can be used to switch or control an external device (an engine, water pump, fan, etc.).

The remote access and management of our systems is also resolved.

Suitable devices for these tasks:

  • M2M Modbus RS485 IO
  • M2M Router
  • M2M Router PRO 4
  • M2M PRO3 RS485 Modbus
  • WM-E1S (modem)



  • Industrial & measurement solutions
  • Scada systems / PLC



Remote monitoring of industrial modems, communicators with transparent data connections, and surveillance of routers as well as industrial modems are necessary to ensure continuous data Remote Device Managerflow, permitting thus the operation of industrial systems.

Our solution guarantees the periodic checking of these systems and their data transmission by using a central management software.

The Remote Device Manager® helps to manage the connected systems of your site. You can check the availability of communicators, the quality of the connections and local and mobile network health, the transmission of data through mobile network.

It can detect possible failures and notify the responsible persons of unwanted events, alarms.

In addition, this system stores the configuration of the connected communication devices in a database, therefore the settings can be modified and easily deployed any time.

The firmware releases of the selected devices can be validated and updated by the management tool, so you do not have to go to the site for checking or maintenance purposes: you can do it remotely!

Main features

  • Client-server application for the management of routers, modems, data concentrators and communicators
  • Monitoring of devices in the network (signal strength, availability)
  • Management of fixed and dynamic IP addresses (for devices)
  • In case of error, it makes timed reconnection
  • Configure predefined event alarm / listener events
  • Store the configuration of the devices, configure these remotely
  • Centralized software / firmware updates
  • Management of devices and users


  • Industrial partners
  • Utility companies
  • Service providers

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