Retrofit 4G smart meter modems for 2G migration
As telcos are getting prepared for 5G, shutting down 2G and 3G networks all around the world, today one of the biggest challenges of the IoT world is: how to migrate the obsolete 2G/GPRS, 3G communication devices to the latest 4G LTE technology? Our 4G LTE smart modems provide a future-proof migration path to the LTE network with the same functionality on higher data speed. We offer our 4G devices with the same outfit, 2G fallback compatibility for retrofit purposes.

The modem forms part of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) of a public utility company. Suitable for remote meter readout, meter data download, and remote configuration for provider’s request by schedules or on-demand.

Our smart meter modems are fully compatible with the most popular electricity meters (Landis, Itron, Elster/Honeywell, EMH), designed to fit under the terminal covers.

• Our modems can be fitted into the meter enclosure and there it can be fastened securely
• Design and connectivity meets with brand vendor meter manufacturer standards
• Separated and sealed isolation from meter
• Retrofit 2G/3G to 4G migration: metering modems with same outfit, backward compatibility
• Power supply from the metrology (AC or DC)
• Optional surge protection from 4kV up to 12kV
• Remote meter readout („Push” or „Pull” method)
• IEC 62056-21 protocol / DLMS option
• Can be operated from private networks with NAT: the modem connects to Head-End-System (HES)
• Scheduled data sending or triggered by an alarm, or SMS triggering
• Immediate alarm notification
• Remote FW updates
• Configuration tool (downloadable)
• Implementation for automated energy metering systems

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