NB-IoT Devices: modems, routers, and signal transmitters

Narrowband IoT is a fast-growing industrial Low Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology classified as a 5G technology, very well suited for applications that require small data transfers over a long time. NB-IoT devices consume less power that allows for longer battery life (10 years).

Advantages of NB-IoT:

  • great indoor coverage
  • support for a huge number of connections
  • extended battery life
  • reasonable price

WM Systems has years of experience in developing NB-IoT devices. We offer a wide range of M2M product for this cellular network:

NB-IoT smart meter modems

NB-IoT routers

NB-IoT data concentrator

Most industrial IoT (IIoT)  solutions need only a low bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and extended battery life. Price is also an important factor: NB-IoT devices have a significantly lower price point than 3G/4G devices.

Want to know more? Read our blog post about communication technologies in smart metering.

Within NB-IoT you can choose LTE Cat NB1 or LTE Cat NB2.

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