Data concentrators or DCUs have an important role in industrial automation, for example smart metering. They collect data from multiple sources and periodically transfer them to a central database.

A data concentrator is the backbone of a modern Automated Metering Infrastructure (or AMI).

Our data concentrator units (DCU) are capable of reading data from industrial systems, having wired outputs (impulse or RS485/ModBus RTU). The data transmission is done through wired RS485 connection or wireless mobile network (2G / 3G / LTE / Narrow Band). Our products are capable of continuously collecting the digital signals from max. 8 connected metering- or industrial devices.

Cost-effective solution for counting the impulse signals of the consumption meter devices (as water, gas, electricity meters) or readout status of the connected inputs.

Our data concentrators can be connected to any kind of measurement system. They reply for the incoming Modbus RTU requests through the RS485 port to an external modem. (Useful for transparent ModBus RTU data sending by a modem to a SCADA system.) It was specially made for industrial usage, measurement data collection, and automated remote metering.

• Impulse counting
• Measurement data collection
• Industrial systems, PLC
• Monitoring of industrial devices

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