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Retrofit 4G smart meter modems for 2G migration

Our 4G LTE smart modems provide a future-proof migration path to the LTE network with the same functionality on higher data speed. We offer our 4G devices with the same outfit, 2G fallback compatibility for retrofit purposes.

The modem forms part of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) of a public utility company. Suitable for remote meter readout, meter data download, and remote configuration for provider’s request by schedules or on-demand.

Our smart meter modems are fully compatible with the most popular electricity meters (Landis+Gyr, Itron, Elster, Honeywell, Saphir, PME-PMI), designed to fit under the terminal covers.


NB-IoT Devices: modems, routers, and signal transmitters

Narrowband IoT is a fast-growing industrial Low Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology classified as a 5G technology, very well suited for applications that require small data transfers over a long time. NB-IoT devices consume less power that allows for longer battery life (10 years).

Advantages of NB-IoT:

  • great indoor coverage
  • support for a huge number of connections
  • extended battery life
  • reasonable price

WM Systems has years of experience in developing NB-IoT devices. We offer a wide range of M2M product for this cellular network: smart meter modems, routers, transmitters


CDMA 450 / 3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB wireless industrial IoT routers, data concentrators

DIN-rail mountable, versatile M2M & IoT MBus routers, DCUs with 1-4 Ethernet ports and expansion options (as RS232/RS485, MBus, wireless MBus, MODBUS, digital/analog inputs, pulse signal reception).

Our IoT and smart metering related devices are using the OpenWRT system with easy to configure web interface and optional Device Manager sofware.


Data concentrator devices for industrial, metering tasks

Data concentrators or DCUs have an important role in industrial automation, for example smart metering. They collect data from multiple sources and periodically transfer them to a central database.

A data concentrator is the backbone of a modern Automated Metering Infrastructure (or AMI).

Our data concentrator units (DCU) are capable of reading data from industrial systems, having wired outputs (impulse or RS485/ModBus RTU). The data transmission is done through wired RS485 connection or wireless mobile network (2G / 3G / LTE / Narrow Band). Our products are capable of continuously collecting the digital signals from max. 8 connected metering- or industrial devices.

Cost-effective solution for counting the impulse signals of the consumption meter devices (as water, gas, electricity meters) or readout status of the connected inputs.

Our data concentrators can be connected to any kind of measurement system. They reply for the incoming Modbus RTU requests through the RS485 port to an external modem. (Useful for transparent ModBus RTU data sending by a modem to a SCADA system.) It was specially made for industrial usage, measurement data collection, and automated remote metering.


Industrial IoT and Modbus modems to provide transparent RS485 Modbus communication with PLC-SCADA connection

Our portfolio of industrial cellular modems provides wireless data transmission and remote access for all kinds of industrial IoT applications like vending machines, smart metering, video surveillance etc.

Available for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, CDMA etc. The PLC connected external devices are ideal and cost-effective choices for an industrial system. It is the perfect solution for monitoring transparent or Modbus TCP/RTU communication.

This product family shares important basic features like low power consumption, control via AT commands, reliable power supply, RS485, high-quality manufacturing standards.


Industrial & Commercial Smart Metering Modems: remote meter readout with CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE Cat.M / Cat.NB data transmitting modems.

The heart of any remote meter reading solution is a modem that reads consumption data from the meters and sends it to a central server.

Our smart meter modems are designed specifically to be fully compatible with the electric meters of flagship manufacturers (Elster, Honeywell, Itrón, Landis+Gyr, PME-PMI, SAPHIR, EMH).

The software satisfies the provider’s requirements, the cases are designed to fit under the terminals covers, the power consumption of the modem is optimized for the specific meter etc.

Smart electricity metering has never been so easy! Our modems can be integrated into any AMR/AMI solution.

We also offer product customization for our clients.


Consumption water metering: Automated remote Meter Readout by pulse signal counters with NB-IoT data transmitting capability.

The heart of any remote meter reading solution is a modem that collects, counts the incoming consumption pulse signals from the connected meters and sends the consumption data it to a central server.

Our smart water meter modems are designed specifically to be fully compatible with the pulse-capable water meters of flagship manufacturers.

The devices have battery powered, long-life, independent operation with security features.

Smart water metering has never been so easy! Our devices can be integrated into any AMR/AMI solution.


Remote Control Solutions for Public Street Lighting 

The option to remotely control public lighting systems has enormous benefits. Besides providing better lighting service to citizens, it allows operators to optimize maintenance and energy costs,

Our products allow the automatized remote control of a public street lighting system by on-demand operation, scheduled switching, or manual control. On/Off power dimming, sophisticated programming

Operate the lighting system by remote relay control of the street lamps. Configure, manage, and monitor your devices from the head-end (HES) center. Features: monitoring, supervision, and reports.


Control and Management Systems for Public Lighting & Solar Farms

Smart cities begin with smart lighting: the complete automation of the public lighting system, a precious power grid.

Our products allow full remote control of public street lighting by on-demand operation or automatized switching. Configure, manage, and monitor your devices from the head-end (HES) center. Monitoring features include checking communication health of devices, quality of service (QoS). A remote solution to maintain systems and services – manage the operation and outages.

Important solution for smart city / smart lighting deployments. It allows remote management, full control and supervision of public lighting networks. Take control of your lighting infrastructure!

Our products can also be used to monitor and control solar power plants. Managers need to collect data from and monitor multiple devices at remote locations to maximize energy efficiency.


Transmitters for Security Alarms

Our GSM / GPRS / 3G / 4G communicators for alarm signal transmission of alarm centers, fire alarm systems or using them as a standalone alarm system.
Safety features, input monitoring, remote control, gate opening, IO expansion.

Reliable cellular fire alarm signal transmitter for fire alarm dispatcher centers. We can provide dispatching and monitoring software solutions.


Product accessories, antenna and expansions

You can select and order accessories to your devices.

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