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WM Systems LLC.

Company site – Hungary

Product development, production, technical support, international sales

Address: HUNGARY  H-1222  BUDAPEST  8 Villa str.
Business hours: 9.00–17.30 CET
Main phone line: +36 (1) 310-7075, +36 (1) 310-7076
Support line: +36 20 333-1111
E-mail (International sales): Click here for sending us your message…
E-mail (Product Support):


M2M komunikačné riešenia s.r.o

Company site – Slovakia

Sales (Slovakia, Czech Republic)

Address: SLOVAKIA  Štúrova 13, 811 02  BRATISLAVA
Phone: +421 907 307 103
E-mail (Sales):



Company site – Romania

Sales (Romania, Moldavia)

Address: ROMANIA  300779  TIMISOARA  str. Anisoara Odeanu, nr. 13/A
Phone: (+40) 732 437 014, Support: (+40) 733 966 224, Fax: (+40) 372 872 744
Business hours: 9.00–17.30 (Lunch break: 12.00–12.30), Parcel delivery: 9.30–17.00
E-mail (Sales):
E-mail (Product Support):

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