When you have technical questions, need information or technical support according to our products (installation, configuration, connection) call us or send us an email message. Your message will be registered and our support will contact you as soon as possible.

7×24 hour support

Since our presence in  the market, we are continuously try to maintain our services on high quality level. We provide 7 x 24 hour technical support and customer service to our Customers. The support service is available on work days: 9:00 – 17:30 hours CET on support phone hotline: +36 1-310-7075
Over the working hours, on weekends
our support duty line is available on the +36 20-333-1111 phone number.

Remote Assistance (M2M Quick Support)

If you need online technical support, and it has already been negotiated with our colleagues, then we can connect to your computer – via remote desktop –M2M Quick Supportto analyze the situation and find the solution to your problem.
You just have to click the M2M Quick Support icon here and download the application to your computer, execute the file, then fill the necessary account and password fields. Thus, our colleague will connect to the given IP address to provide you with remote support.

Problem Ticketing

You can send us message, your questions or request callback on the The incoming cases will be registered in our ticketing system with a unique ID where we will keep on eye your case. After registering into the incident management system you will receive e-mail message and our technician will be keep in touch with you as soon as it is possible.

Service conditions

Our Service Regulation and the related Conditions of Service and Warranty conditions for international regions can be required from the Support Team by email:



Effective server maintenance and monitoring, server and data storage rental while the spendings of your Company are decreasing.


  • 10 years experience on supporting industrial partners and service provicers 
  • High level of services (high availability and trustiness, safe conditions)
  • You can rent workplace for your servers, workstations, storage or network devices in our server room with maintenance options, complete server monitoring and surveillance
  • You can rent physical or virtual servers, storage space
  • Infrastructure maintenance and administration with serving the whole server farm 
  • Assuring installations, configuration, executing operational system daily/weekly service tasks
  • Maintenance and monitoring of Linux- or Windows based server operation systems, databases, file servers, web and application servers
  • Safe DMZ zone option for servers
  • Opportunity for remote desktop, remote management
  • Backup route access (3G, LTE)
  • Technical support
  • Monthly reports
  • OTRS problem ticketing system for failures, unwanted cases


Server room

  • Climatised server room with ventillation and monitoring of the temperature and humidity
  • Safe entrance – camera and secure ID controlled entry
  • Location is assured by alarm center and safety dispatcher service
  • UPS and redundant power supply
  • Redundant network access, load balancing, fault tolerance, internet access
  • 7 x 24h monitoring



M2M Easy 2 / M2M Easy 2S

  M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator Firmware (R06S)
  M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator Firmware (R08F10)

  Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (EasyTerm v1.2/v1.3.1 component)
  EasyTerm v1.2 tool and configuration for R06S FW (Win XP/Vista/7)
  EasyTerm v1.3.1 tool and configuration for R08F10 FW (Win 7/8/10)
  EasyTerm v1.3.1 tool and configuration for R08F10 FW (Win XP/Vista)

M2M Easy 2 FIRE / M2M Easy 2S FIRE 

  M2M Easy 2 FIRE Communicator Firmware (R06S TMT)

  Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (EasyTerm component)
  EasyTerm v1.2 tool and configuration for (for R06S TMT FW)

M2M Easy CID 

  M2M Easy Communicator Firmware v1.592W2

  Microsoft Hyperterminal tool
  DrTerm configuration tool
  DrTerm factory default configuration file

M2M Easy FIRE 

  M2M Easy FIRE Firmware v1.592 TMT

  Microsoft Hyperterminal tool
  DrTerm configuration tool
  DrTerm factory default configuration file


  WM-E Term configuration tool v1.2 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)
  Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (WM-E Term v1.2 component)


  WM-E Term configuration tool v1.2 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)
  Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (WM-E Term v1.2 component)


  UniTerm configuration tool v1.04 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)
  Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (Uniterm v1.04 component)

M2M Digital Receiver (Enigma II) /
M2M IP2 Digital Receiver 

  CDM driver 21.18 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)

  Uploader tool (Enigma II Uploader) v1.34
  Communication Tester tool (IPT) v1.04
  Terminal v2.38 configuration tool

USB-RS232 cable adapter (ATEN UC232/Prolific)

  USB-serial connector driver (32 bit – Win XP/Vista/7)
  USB-serial connector driver (32 bit – Win 7/8)
  USB-serial connector driver (64 bit – Win 7/8/10)



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