Wired & wireless metering

Automated remote readout of smart grid meters (water, gas, electricity) by our wirelesswired & wireless metering communication devices. BPL power line communication for coaxial connected smart grid metering.

Single or multiply meter connection by one communicator is also possible in the grid. You can also build infrastructure, sites and collect data into the same database. It’s a flexible and extendable energy network for smart grid devices, measurement systems and consumption meters.

Cost-effective, when you are planning to involve multiply or hundreds of meter systems: the complete data collection & transmitting can be served by a few communication devices (our routers, concentrators, modems, power line communicators).

Continous monitoring of meter data, energy usage for residental, industrial and corporate Partners.

Our communication devices are using the reliable wireless modules for the traditional 2G/3G networks, as for the latest modules for 4G LTE. We are also providing state-of-the-art modules for future-proof LTE 450/CDMA 450 industrial networks as the low-power NB-IoT (narrow-band) Cat.M modules.

The data evaluationvisualization of the results is provided by our EMR Metering server with modern displaying (total usage, consumption trends, habits, balance, graphs), reportsnotification and outage management.

You can share the costs, optimize the energy usage and maintain the smart meter grid network with our solution!

  • Traditional metering (pulse-capable) and wireless smart meters (wireless M-bus)
  • BPL power line communicator smart grid elements
  • Industrial measurement systems
  • Data concentrator options for lead the communication on dedicated channels
  • 2G/3G/4G/CDMA 450/LTE 450/NB-IoT wireless data transmitting
  • Evaluating and analyzing data on server side
  • Espectacular visualisation (consumption balance, measuremenets, details, graphs, trends – displaying system)
  • Client software for energetics, engineers and service providers (device monitoring and configuration analysis, forecasts, reports, device and user management, alarms, ERP integration) 
  • Companies, offices
  • Utilities
  • Service providers
  • Energetics

Energy data collection

Automated remote readout of energy meters and measurement systems with onsite data collection by M2M / IoT modems, routers and concentrators.energy data collection

The meter counter remote readout is provided from the data centre (on-demand request or at pre-defined intervals).

The trustful central data transmitting is performed on wireless network by an industrial SIM service. Our communication devices are using modules for 2G/3G networks and the latest 4G. We are also prodiving the LTE 450/CDMA 450 industrial modules as the future-proof, low-power NB-IoT (narrow-band) Cat.M1 LTE-M technology.

The data evaluation, displaying of the results is provided by our EMR Metering server, by visualizing the consumptions, estimated costs. The system provides energy calculations, reports and efficiency analyse. The energy usage can be handled and controlled. The individual costs will be predictable, can be shared by the quantity.  Hold the energy usage balance in your hands!

The following wired pulse-capable energy meters and wireless M-Bus meters can be linked to the system: water, gas, electricity, heat-quantity, cost sharing systems. Provide data for an external Scada system.

Further additional measurement units can be involved into the system:

  • Industry: PLC registers, measurements systems, digital inputs
  • Environmental elements: light, temperature, presence detection, smoke and CO-sensors, liquid-level sensors
  • Household consumption metering (electricity plug)

The device- and data monitoring is provided due to maintenance features. The provider gets alarms from concerning failures, over-consumptions or distribution line troubles. The meter data continuity and the outages are monitored. 

  • Wired (pulse-capable) and wireless smart meter (RF868 wireless ModBus) connection
  • Measurement system (RS485, Ethernet) and level-sensor (digital inputs) connection
  • Data concentrator and router connection for professional meter data collection and transmission
  • 2G/3G/4G/CDMA 450/LTE 450/NB-IoT wireless data transmitting to M2M / IoT centre
  • Evaluating and analyzing data, visualisation (energy balance, measurements, graphs, trends – displaying system)
  • Client software for energetics, engineers and service providers (device monitoring and configuration analysis, forecasts, reports, device and user management, alarms, ERP integration) 
  • Companies, offices
  • Service providers
  • Utilities
  • Energetics

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CDMA 450MHz, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.3, LTE 450MHz Cat.1 modems for Elster electricity meters


WM-E BPL Smart Grid Concentrator

3G broadband BPL data concentrator for wired consumption meters for Power Line Communication networks


M2M Router

Simple and trustful CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.3, LTE 450 MHz Cat.1 routers


EMR Metering

Central consumption meter readout and monitoring for Utility companies and Providers