Public Street Lighting

Street lighting switching by an automatic operated or the electricity supplier requested controlling system.street light control

By using this system, it is possible to optimize the service and decrease the operation costs of the infrastructure.

The solution is useful to control smart grids, central switching, monitoring and manage of critical infrastructures.

Decreased amount of data transmitting through the future-proof LTE and Narrow Band mobile network standards. The network grid is assured by the industrial routers (M2M Router®) to provide an enclosed network for the communication of the switching devices.

Light Control management due to the Load Control Box® which is switching the lighting by relays for head-end-system requests (on-demand or by schedule with daylight saving). Programmable calendar, therefore the operation depends on weekdays, dawn/dusk times of year, and the geographical position.

Manageable, secure and reliable communication network for the HES centre due to the Remote Device Manager® application, which assures scalable grid management to connect switch devices, networking routers into the system.
Central monitoring of devices, collection of consumption data, analysis for the energy providers.

Device management features are also available (failure or manual intervention, aggregate software updates, configuration and the mass or singular remote distribution of fw/settings to the endpoint devices).

  • Utility companies
  • Energy providers
  • Electricity suppliers

Workforce Management

All-in-one service and workforce management solution for service providers.Workforce Management

Service job management and continuous monitoring by vehicle tracking (GPS trackers) and navigation implementation for better and optimized logistics & effective service purposes.

The map-layered dispatching software collaborates with the vehicle trackers and the navigation PNA devices.

You can maintain a servicedecrease the company costs of the service company (fuel, time). Optimize labour processes (analyze logs, generate reports, replay the route, re-plan ). Increase the availability of serice cars, employees and the efficiency of your company’s tasks!

The system helps the dispatchers at vehicle election, job delegation and provides management and ticketing system, continuous tracking and monitoring of the service cars and the route conditions, traffic, etc. and for sure able to intiate provisioning.

It has benefits for vehicle drivers to get the delegated jobs, navigation and bearing, report the finished jobs, and provides emergency call and alarm possibilities, voice communication with the head-end office.

The trackers are also monitoring the car movement parameters, life signals and sending them through wireless network to the centre with location coordinates.

Secure the route, protect the vehicles and the load!

  • Follow vehicle route, getting life signals, vehicle parameters and movement dataroute conditions
  • Voice communication (between driver and head-end office)
  • Central management and ticketing, provisioning 
  • Layered, map-based user interface for dispatching with historical database 
  • Realtime event/alarm management (movement, long stops, off the track, ignition, collision, emergency, etc.)
  • Immediate vehicle location (to find nearest car)
  • Monitoring of life signals, communication outages, event log
  • Service companies
  • Logistics transportation 
  • Taxi service

Photovoltaic Management

Outdoor 4G LTE routers for complete wireless remote access and management of solar and photovoltaic systems.Photovoltaic Management

Reliable service, by providing latest LTE mobile internet access.

Our smart grid solution provides high availability for solar system management tasks by maintenance purposes.

You can have full supervision of the remote system, surveillance (transmitting safety IP camera images, video streams) and limitless status monitoring (e.g. PV inverters).

The onsite industrial data can be collected also and transmitted to the data centre due to the installed routers.

Cost-effective choice by installing a solar– or photovoltaic system, maintain the current solar PV park and to secure the labour processes by assuring safety for the installed equipments and the farm area.

  • High-speed and bandwith wireless Internet access
  • Connectivity of solar data collectors (Solar Log)
  • Collection and transmission of industrial data to the center
  • Transmitting of installed safety element data (IP camera images, video)
  • Status monitoring of PV inverters
  • Remote access of solar systems
  • Local Ethernet connection for inverters, data collectors, DVR systems
  • Secure wireless transmitting of onsite data
    • high-speed 4G LTE transmitting (optional LTE 450 or 3G module)
    • fallback channel
    • DUAL SIM option
  • Local storage of data, images
  • RS485 connectivity option (Modbus TCP/RTU)
  • Industrial design, DIN-rail mounting
  • Protection against extreme outdoor conditions
  • Advanced network- and safety features (VPN, TR-069, Firewall, DDNS)
  • Remote configuration and firmware refresh
  • Mass router monitoring from the centre (opional M2M Device Manager)
  • Monitoring of life signals, communication outages, event log
  • Automatical network reconnection
  • Solar and Photovoltaic providers
  • Utility companies

Pay attention to the following products


Load Control Box

Scalable & smart street lighting with remote control, central switching, monitoring and wireless networking access


EMR Tracking

Continuous GPS tracking for safety reasons – with central surveillance software


M2M Router

Simple and trustful CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE 450, Narrow Band routers with Ethernet and optional RS485 connection


M2M Router PRO 3

Versatile 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 MHz router with Modbus Gateway, optional WiFi, Dual-SIM module, several available expansions


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