Smart Metering modems

We provide our wide range of CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE 450MHz and smart meteringnarrow-band NB-IoT capable modems, which were specifically designed for connecting the brand electricity meters (Elster/Honeywell/Itron/Landis+Gyr/EMH), transmitting the meter data, providing remote access and monitoring features of the meter systems.

You can discover our electricity metering modem product families below.

  • Separated sealing design and electrical isolation
  • Compatibility with manufacturer connector standards, serial communication
  • 230 VAC or 12 VDC power supply
  • Input surge protection option up to 4 kV / 12kV
  • Supercapacitor option
  • CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE 450MHz and narrow-band NB-IoT module options
  • Data & ftp push technology
  • Meter Event/Alarm notification (SMS, UDP push)
  • Remote configuration parametering and firmware refresh (singular or mass update)
  • Remote access and download of data (load profile, settings, values, event log, alarms)
  • Easy installation, free configuration tool
  • Operation LED signals, Certifications
  • WM-E1® for Honeywell® meters 
  • WM-E1S® for Honeywell® meters
  • WM-E2S® for Itron® and Landis+Gyr® meters
  • WM-E3S® for Honeywell® meters
  • WM-E3 EXTERNAL® for external universal meters
  • WM-E4® for EMH® meters
  • WM-E5® for EMH® meters

Smart Grid and BPL system

The Power Line Communication solution offers a complete and reliable Smart Metering infrastructure (AMI), centralized grid data collection (by broadband BPL devices and Power Line Communication modules) for smartgrid_new_webenergy providers and electricity distribution companies.

The central management software allows overall remote meter readout, data evaluation, meter control, remote configuration with management features.
The solution is compatible with any RS485 capable electricity meter system.

  • Client and server application
  • Evaluation and visualization of collected data
  • On-demand central site management of network elements (meter systems, concentrators, modems and repeaters)
  • Remote configuration of devices
  • Advanced Load Management tools
  • Monitoring & Grid optimalization
  • Remote control of meters (switch operation/tariff)
  • Automated daily tasks
  • Event notification and reports
  • WM-E BPL Smart Grid Concentrator®
  • WM-E Broadband PLC External Modem®schematic3
  • WM-E BPL Gateway®
  • M2M Device Manager®
  • Central monitoring software

Public Street Lighting

Street lighting switching by an automatic operated or the electricity supplier requested controlling system.street light control

By using this system, it is possible to optimize the service and decrease the operation costs of the infrastructure.

The solution is useful for controlling smart grids, central switching, monitoring and manage of critical infrastructures.

Decreased amount of data transmitting through the future-proof LTE and narrow-band (LTE-M)  mobile network standards. The network grid is assured by the industrial routers (M2M Router®) to provide an enclosed network for the communication of the switching devices.

Light Control management due to the Load Control Box (WM-E LCB) which is switching the lighting by relays for head-end-system requests (on-demand or by schedule with daylight saving). Programmable calendar, therefore the operation depends on weekdays, dawn/dusk times of year, and the geographical position.

Manageable, secure and reliable communication network due to the M2M Device Manager, which assures scalable grid management to connect the switch devices – through the routers – for the head-end system.
Central monitoring of devices, collection of consumption data, analysis for the energy providers.

The device management features are available just for the case (failure or manual intervention). The aggregate software updates, device configuration distribution for the endpoint devices are also possible remotely from the centre.

  • Utility companies
  • Energy providers
  • Electricity suppliers

Device Monitoring

Monitoring solution for transformer stations of the energy supply and for street lighting.device monitoring

It is useful for central electricity management, smart grid maintenance, monitoring and outage management of the critical infrastructures.

The measured data of the connected electricity meters are transmitted – by some of the WM-E modems family members – to the data center.

The centre is continuously monitoring the energy consumptions. The possible outages, consumption reductions or unexpected falls of energy usage during the operation hours are automatically reported.

The solution uses a standard, open protocol platform, with a spectacular open source user interface with data analysis and report opportunities.

  • Utility companies
  • Energy distributors

Pay attention to the following solutions, products



CDMA 450MHz, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.3, LTE 450MHz Cat.1 modems for Elster electricity meters



CDMA 450MHz, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.3, LTE 450MHz Cat.1 modems for Elster electricity meters


WM-E Broadband PLC External Modem

External broadband BPL PLC modem for connecting electricity meters to the Smart Grid


WM-E BPL Smart Grid Concentrator

3G broadband BPL data concentrator for wired consumption meters for Power Line Communication networks