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Alarm Center signal transmission, Video Surveillance, Standalone alarming, Patrol Surveillance, Asset Tracking, Elderly & Patient Care - Simply and reliable!

Alarm center signal transmission


Forwarding the signals of connected alarm centers and fire alarm centers to the surveillance or dispatching centre in Contact ID (CID) format.

The standard signal transmission is performed via wireless mobile network.

This overall solution is offered especially for remote Dispatcher Centers and our Customers who would like to use this as a GSM transmitter or a standalone alarm system – without a dispatching service – receiving/transmitting the signals of sensors or monitoring the signal changes of input/output lines.

With the GPRS communication a more reliable, cost-effective, fast service can be guaranteed with more frequent life signals.

The system is able to send SMS notification and initiate a phone call in case of incoming alarm signal.

The IO-extender options are opening new areas to expand the capabilities for the current safety system.

Our solution can be used for control devices and for preventive life protection tasks (panic button SOS signal, fall detection).



  • The data transmitting in the GSM/GPRS-based mobile communcation network is safe, quick and reliable
  • The transmitting devices can be connected into the current and already installed security and safety systems, alarm systems
  • With this built infrastructure a complete region can be covered as a special network
  • There can be any number of centers and communicator devices connected into the system
  • The installation is not complex and it doesn’t needs long preparation
  • The configuration of the device is simple and doesn’t needs high level of competencies
  • The communicator LED signals are easy to understand
  • The device has full remote access and remote management features  (remote configuration, configuration with SMS commands, software refresh)
  • Extra features: automatically uses the secondary communication channel and restore (in case of GPRS-network outage or in case of sabotage action), initiates a voice call, input line listening (monitoring signal or status changes), controlling output line, gate opening, SMS sending in case of signal changes, control the device from SMS messages


For what purposes we recommend?

  • Security & safety companies
  • Surveillance centers
  • Standalone alarming (at home, at work)

Video surveillance


The aim of the video surveillance is to increase the safety level of your home or dispatching service and extend the functionality of present security systems.

Through the continuous quality visual surveillance, the dispatcher centers and the Customers can get continuous images of the secured buildings, facility areas.

The visual surveillance solution can be combined with motion sensors, etc. Therefore, recorded images or video will be transmitted to the center (triggered by the detected movements).



  • Continuous online surveillance
  • Preventive, quality service with increasing the security-level
  • Minimal investition and expansion
  • Live image and video stream transmitting to the Dispatcher Centre on 3G or LTE network
  • Intrusion prevention solution (redundant data storage, secondary communication channel)


For what purposes we recommend?

  • Bungalows, country houses, homes, flats
  • On construction areas (safeguarding labour vehicles, building materials)
  • For redundant camera images 
  • Surveillance of industrial and production, facility area 
  • Surveillance of server rooms
  • Sabotage surveillance of alarm systems 

Patrol surveillance


Personal tracking with GPS tracker device for safety reasons.

Our solution enables the users to determine the current position of patrol services or follow the route or track of the team by continuous tracking (on map and monitoring views), while the worn tracker device sends its GPS location data, alarm events (e.g. SOS button, fall detection) and life signals towards to the dispatching centre.

The central surveillance works with central monitoring and map view user interface with the opportunity of intervention and provisioning.

Superior safety solution offered for Cruise & Patrol Services and security companies. It can be used to enhance the work safety and life protection. You can be aware of the current position, life conditions of persons.



  • Requesting the current location, and position, continuous following, signing the route and events
  • Can be used for labour safety and for checking the persons in charge (can be ensured about the status, condition, position, life signals of persons)
  • The device capable for sending feedback for the checkpoints (the members can use the buttons for typing internal codes, events towards to the centre)
  • Can be used for calling emergency just for the case. Directly calls the centre or a pre-defined phone number (voice call to the Dispatcher Centre or patrol service heading office, feedback to the centre with SOS alarm sending and coordinate sending opportunities. The voice call capable for keeping the voice touch with the patrolmen or officer who is in trouble (also able to send messages)
  • Sends signals, life signals, panic alarms
  • The center will notified in realtime from the risks, events, perils, treats (SOS button for call emergency, one-way surveillance with listening the environment surround)
  • Operation or location zones can be configured (when leaving or entering into the zone, the device sends an alarm event)


For what purposes we recommend?

  • For guard service, patrolmen, security services
  • For safety service providers
  • For safeguarding persons of high-security (banks, CIT, etc.)
  • Guards of guarded areas, institutions, buildings (shopping centers, construction and facility areas)
  • Police, militia, service people of defence or national defense
  • Tracking VIP persons
  • From work safety reasons, at dangerous jobs

Asset tracking


The mission of this tracking solution is to monitor and follow the logistics or cargo vehicles, secure the trunk space of cars (packages, carriages). When valueable packages, hazardous goods are carried, its important to know their position, condition and real location.

The following and surveillance is performed by a special GPS tracker device, whose data and signals are continuously transmitted to dedicated server.

The incoming signals are transmitted as alarm events into the surveillance center database. The visualisation and tracking operates on the map user interface. The position and route of the asset/shipment can be followed or tracked.



  • Continuous online safety tracking
  • Transmitting data to the dispatcher centre (GPS attributes)
  • Detected and monitored data: GPS coordinates, movement heading and route, standing (long stops), movement attributes (direction, speed)
  • The movement and positions, events can be historically trackable back


For what purposes we recommend?

  • Safety tracking assets, package, cargo – following the route
  • Tracking, following the movement of important and value goods
  • Positioning the location and following the machinery, working machines, containers
  • Modern asset inventory from the company goods, material values
  • Finding lost or stolen vehicles, important and value goods
  • Preventive action against stealing with location positioning


Elderly & Patient care

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Reliable life protection surveillance to ensure the safety of your loved ones. This solution was especially developed for elder people and family members.

This easy to use device is able to send alarm signals by pushing a button (SOS/panic button) in emergency situations. In that moment, the device sends alarm notification with the last known life signals, GPS position of the person – to the pre-defined phone numbers. The notified person, family member or surveillance service will immediately know about the unwanted event and will be able to call assistance to the person who is in danger.

The device is also able to detect and analyze the smooth movements. Therefore in case of fall or leaving a safe zone, it will automatically send notification to the pre-defined phone number.

The device provides life protection benefits in case of emergency, in unconsciousness state. It can save lives!

The portable device has a wireless induction recharger tap.



  • Simple usage, easy to wear
  • One-button call for help
  • Free – without a monthly fee
  • Reliable GPS module for the accurated location detection
  • Exact movement detection with configurable sensitivity
  • Web and mobile application user interfaces


For what purposes we recommend?

  • For the safety of family members, children, loved ones
  • For the surveillance and safety of ill or elder people
  • People who are permanently staying alone
  • For old people’s home (patient care)
  • For health institutions

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