Industrial System Integration

Remote data transmission, data access, concentrated data collection solutions for system integrator companies

Industrial M2M communication


This solution provides remote data access and management of the systems of the industry, service providers or utility companies.

The structure of our solution:

  • The remote data readout of the devices is carried out through serial port (RS232, RS485), Ethernet interface or the IO-interface
  • The collected data is forwarded through the 2G/3G/4G/LTE 450MHz mobile data network
  • Receiving data of remote locations on fixed IP address (server, data center), the displaying is provided in the Customer’s system



  • Easy to estabilish mobile communication channel
  • Providing the usage of the highly reliable industrial communication devices and mobile network data transmission with related industrial mobile subscriptions
  • The devices are capable of receiving and forwarding industrial signals (as contact or pulse) while they are remotely accessable

Industrial  M2M data concentration


Nowadays, an increasing demand appears for remote readout of consumption meters – such as water, gas, electricity, cost sharing, heat quantity, etc. – and for collecting and transmitting these data. Thus, we offer cost-effective wired and wireless solutions for these purposes.

Our wired solution for public organizations, office buildings, condominiums, housing cooperatives. By providing one mobile communication device –M2M Modem Plus® – and the connected M2M IO/RS485 CONCENTRATOR® devices it is able to collect the data of more thousand pulse-capable meters for access, due to the mobile Internet service (GPRS data transmission).

Our wireless system is quickly installable on the locations where the construction of a wired system would be too costly and lengthy. The  M2M PRO 3 CONCENTRATOR® with its special antennas is able to receive the signals of dozens of 868MHz Wireless Mbus consumption meters up through several floors and able to transmit through broadband – 3G – mobile Internet.

With the help of these two systems the data can be provided with visualization on the EMR® server (which is maintenaned by us). Thanks to the standard communication (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP) the data can also be accessed in the end users’ Scada system. In case of inquiry it is possible to serve data to display to our Partner’s energy management software (KONSys LLC.).

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M2M Modem Plus RS485 IO

Industrial GPRS data collection device for digital signals of industrial systems and pulse signals of residential meters



32 channel digital input module in a modular DIN-standard plastic case, with Modbus RTU communication


WM-E1 Product Family

2G modems for Elster electricity meters



Water meter readout, GPRS data transmission for pulse-capable wired meters