M2M & Industrial wireless communication

We provide wide range of managed industrial data transmitting services and tarrifs for the industrial communication.m2m industrial & wireless communication

The M2M industrial communication is performing through special SIM cards, M2M & IoT data service, the mobile operator’s network, our communicators and the data transmission to a remote server or location.

We provide flexibility, manageability, mobility and remote data access and safety for your industrial systems and data, which will help our industrial partners, service providers and the utility companies.

The M2M industrial SIM cards we provide for wireless data collection and transmission are supporting private & enclosed APN zone for secure data communication.

The GDSP (Global Data Support Platform) global M2M SIM cards can be used due our products, where the wireless data services are accessable from any mobile operator network, anywhere in the world, without limits or country borders. The GSDP lets you manage your connected M2M deployments through our centrally hosted, secure self-service platform (get authentication, access control, and near real-time usage and management of your deployed SIMs).

The central m2m data collection and storage, backup and further server services are assured due to these data services.

Over the traditional 2G/3G communication, industry-specific, reliable CDMA 450 and LTE 450 wireless modules and network usage are provided through our industrial modems, communicators, routers and data concentrators.

We also provide narrow band NB-IoT modules with our communicators, routers which are long-term, future-proof and cost-effective solutions for the members of the industrial area.

  • Industrial Partners
  • Service Providers
  • Utility companies

Industrial automation & data collection

We offer cost-effective and industry-ready products for signal & data collection and for wirelessindustrial automation & data collection data transmitting by industrial purposes, for the members of manufacturing and the industrial production.

Industrial requirements of our products are provided, such as device monitoringwatchdog feature (ato restart and network recovery), grounding, galvanically independent inputs, roboust metal coverage, IP protection, DIN-rail mounting, industrial standard interfaces, tolerance of extreme temperature conditions, etc.

Our industrial modems, communicators, routers and concentrators are available with a wide range of industrial standards interfaces and connectivity – such as RS485 port, PLC connection, Ethernet, digital inputs, switchable outputs, 8-24VDC power, etc.

Industry-specific software, firmware and tools, communication protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, wireless M-Bus (169/433/868MHz), M2M data protocol, industrial standard communication protocols), remote access and configuration are all available by our products. Pulse counting and digital signal collection are provided as the receiving the PLC communication (register read out), digital inputs and data.

Continous monitoring of inputs, and the remote control of output lines are still there. Device health and availability check (QoS, periodic heartbeat and life signal sending, status monitoring and outage management) are assured.

All of our communicators able to transmit data through the 2G, broadband 3G and 4G, CDMA 450 / LTE 450 networks, such as the narrow band NB-IoT types -towards to a Scada system (Modbus compatibility provided).

The devices are quickly installable, easy to configure on the locations, having LED signals, free configuration tools. We provide antennas for the reliable wireless communication.

  • Industrial Partners
  • Service Providers
  • Utility companies

Pay attention to the following solutions, products


M2M Modem Plus RS485 IO

Industrial GPRS data collection device for digital signals of industrial systems and pulse signals of residential meters



32 channel digital input module in a modular DIN-standard plastic case, with Modbus RTU communication


M2M Router PRO

Versatile 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 MHz router family with optional WiFi, Dual-SIM module, several available expansions


M2M Device Manager

Central management and device monitoring, remote fw updates, parametring for M2M routers