MyGuard Home

We offer an easy-to-use, intuitive smart home & safety solution for individuals and homes.myguard hub

The main unit of our home system is the MyGuard Hub, which is basically a standalone alarm system. It operates as a central element of your home, living space. It also provides WiFi and Internet Hotspot for the connecting devices (laptop, mobile phone).

The hub assures wireless communication for various sensors, safety systems and energy consumption meters (heat, gas, water, electricity). There can be several wireless elements connected to the system. 

The MyGuard Home allows you surveillance to follow the events of your home, when you are away. You can also control your devices remotely, due to the smart plug (remotely switchable).

All services in the system are available for monthly subscription fee which assures access to the web/mobile app user interface. 

Various devices can be connected to the system, such as:

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  • PIR movement detector
  • Door opening sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • witchable connector plug 
  • Panic button
  • Thermostat
  • Security IP cameras


  • Complete standalone alarm system
  • WiFi for mobile devices (wireless internet access)
  • Remote control of your householdind devices (smart TV, boiler, gate, lighting, etc.)
  • Continuous life signals of hub, sensors, outage management
  • Alarm / event notification (SMS, vibration, message, email)
  • Fixed status reports
  • Easy to configure and device handle (intuitive web user interface, mobile app)
  • One-key sensor additionautomatic recognization of added sensors
  • The access level of the family members can be limited
  • Indviduals
  • Homes, holiday houses, flats

MyGuard Car

myguard_alarmCalming safety and diagnostics for the owner of the vehicles. Follow the usage costs and let your vehicle be safe by our solution!

The system gives your real-time tracking, displaying of the route, fuel consumption and other data (diagnostical system failures, temperature and speed data).  It continuously reports the current location of the vehicle, the events of the route. 

The MyGuard Car helps the user due the mobile application to follow the car in realtime. Permits a more cost effective and more environmental-friendly travelling, transport. The solution has preventive benefits of protection against the car thefts.

The service is available for a monthly subscription fee, which assures access to the intuitive web / mobile app user interface.

The GPS tracker connects to vehicle’s OBD port and provides movement, location and diagnostics data. 

It always informs you about the details of the driving conditions, driving habitsmovement parameters.

It collects data then sending on wireless 2G/3G network to server.


Data proven by the device:

  • Fuel consumption
  • GPS tracking (location, route data, speed)
  • Events (towing, ignition, stops, long stops, engine stops)
  • Diagnostics data
  • Realtime GPS car tracking solution
  • Movement details, events
  • Continuous life signals, vehicle parameters, outage management
  • Alarm / event notification (SMS, vibration, message, email)
  • Fixed status reports
  • Easy to configure and device handle (intuitive web user interface, mobile app)
  • The access level of the family members can be limited
  • Car owners 
  • Car rental services

MyGuard Health


Reliable, preventive life & health protection solution for for your family members to be safe!

The easy to use device was especially developed for elderly people and children.

It is able to detect and analyze the smooth movements (in case of body fall or leaving a pre-defined zone) and it automatically sends alarm notification. The user can send a panic alarm in emergency situation by one-key only (SOS / Panic button) which initiates an emergency notification.

The notified person or surveillance service will immediately gets the alarm, than can call help or ambulance for the threated person. In case of emergency, danger (body fall, permanent non-movement) it can save lives!

The MyGuard Health service is available for monthly subscription fee, which assures access to the MyGuard web and mobile app user interface.

  • Personal tracking by safety and life protection purposes
  • Simple usage, easy to wear, portable1 (1)
  • Movement details, events
  • One-key panic button (calls emergency, family member)
  • Free – without a monthly fee
  • Reliable GPS module for the accurated location detection
  • Configurable living zones for the user
  • Exact movement detection (body fall, non-movements) with configurable sensitivity
  • Induction recharge (wireless recharger tap)
  • Alarm / event notification (SMS, vibration, message, email)
  • Fixed status reports
  • Easy to configure and device handle (intuitive web user interface, mobile app)
  • The access level of the family members can be limited
  • People safety (family members, children)
  • Senion care (elder people)
  • Patient care, nursing home
  • Hospitals, ambulance
  • Telemedicine