Routers on OpenWrt®  platform

Our routers are having the OpenWrt® embedded operation system, which is based on Linux system core with a lot of additional services.

router on openwrt platform

We offer the OpenWrt system, because:

  • it is open source
  • thousands of developers are using it, and the development results are available for free
  • simply customizable web interfaces are available

The Telit®  xE910 footprint-compatible module family members are providing the communication for our routers, that’s why you can order these in 2G, 3G, 4G, the industrial LTE 450 MHz and CDMA 450 MHz, and the latest NB-IoT (narrow-band) Cat-M modules.

During the developments, we have integrated the WiFi module, the RS232/RS485 (wireless M-Bus) and Dual SIM expansion boards.

The OpenWrt platform

The router with the OpenWrt®  operating system is a great base for software developers and system integrators, because:

  • it was especially made for embedded systems
  • fully open source
  • the current software package contains the results of our developments and experience of years
  • the web user interface can be further developed

By adding a plus service we provide the M2M Device Manager® central software, which is capable of the remote management and monitoring thousands of routers and its operation, life signals as well as the central configuration of the devices.

  • Hardware- and software developers
  • System integrators
  • Industrial developer companies
  • Professional and power users
  • Maintenance services

Open displaying system

Our independent, web-based displaying system contains a data collection an evaluation module with customizedopen displaying system open-source displaying structure.

The system has potential and it’s also an ideal choice for visualizing the big data or meter consumption data, M2M & IoT information – quickly and reliable.

Choose our solution if you don’t want to mess with developing an evaluation and displaying system with hundreds of and communication protocols.

We offer the EMR2 displaying system, because:

  • it has an open source basis – and cost-effective as total
  • flexible, fast and dynamic
  • our own smart grid & metering developments and solutions are using it
  • you can connect our modems, routers, concentrators into the system
  • dozens our m2m industial and safety protocols are available for processing the incoming data
  • additional IP communication devices can be also attached
  • pre-defined views, reports for free
  • simply customizable web interface

By adding our solution we provide central data collection, displaying and monitoring for thousands of communication devices.

  • Software developers
  • System integrators
  • Industrial developer companies
  • Professional and power users
  • Maintenance services

Gemalto modules, developer & module testing boards

The market leader German module manufacturer, Gemalto® offers through us – as distributors and exclusive partners – the excellent quality and trustful 2G/gemalto modules3G/4G LTE modem family and modem terminals for our Partners.

We offer the modules for PCB production, soldering for developers and system integrator companies. We are also providing technical product support.

We have been using these reliable modules for our own communication developments and products since several years with satisfaction.

We are also offering developer mainboards for modems and module testing PCB boards for system integration and application development, PCB design.

  • Direct support by the manufacturergemalto developer boards
  • 15 years of technical experience
  • Excellent price/value balance
  • Innovative technology with outstanding quality
  • Migration platform for long-term investments, developments
  • Easy to integrate
  • Security service, Java® support
  • Wide memory area for data storage
  • International certificates, detailed tests
  • Hardware- and software developers
  • System integrators
  • Industrial developer companies
  • Professional and power users
  • Maintenance services

Pay attention to the following solutions, products


M2M Router

Simple and trustful CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Cat.3, LTE 450 MHz Cat.1 routers


M2M Router PRO

Versatile 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 MHz router family with optional WiFi, Dual-SIM module, several available expansions


M2M Device Manager

Central management and device monitoring, remote fw updates, parametring for M2M routers


Gemalto DSB-mini developer board

Developer board for Gemalto modules