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Gemalto modules and developer boards

The market leader German module manufacturer, Gemalto® offers through us – as distributors and exclusive partners – the excellent quality and trustful 2G/23G/4G LTE modems and terminal product range for our Partners.

The modules are offered for PCB production, soldering for developers and system integrator companies. We are also providing product technical support.

We have been using these reliable modules for our own communication developments and products for several years, and we are satisfied with their modem products.

Furthermore, we are offering full value developer mainboards and module testing PCB boards for system integration and application development, PCB design.

dsb75 hd v11



  • Direct support by the manufacturer
  • Technical skill and experiences
  • Discount prices, excellent price/value balance
  • Innovative technology and outstanding quality
  • Long term usage, unified platform and modem migration possibilities
  • Easy to integrate
  • Security service, Java® support
  • Wide memory area for data storage
  • International certificates

Router on OpenWRT platform


Advanced wireless router with ready to use operating system for your own application developments and projects.

Expandable mainboard which contains an ARM-based microprocessor supporting different connection type 2G/3G/4G LTE modules, WiFi and ZigBee modules.

Operates on open source OpenWRT® system with a wide range of services (such as network, security, data connection, wireless radio standards).


The router has remote access and remote configuration capabilities, free to customize web user interface, menu items.

It is easy to implement and integrate your own applications to the system. Added interface description, documentation, SDK.

The M2M Device Manager® is a central server application, which provides management of thousands of M2M Router® and M2M Router Pro® devices.




  • Reliable and trustful hardware with many configurable services
  • No need to waste years with developing a stable system environment. Just apply the free and reliable OpenWRT® system
  • Implement your own applications or development into the ready-to-use system – without firmware development!
  • Easy to customize, extendable system without firmware development
  • The web-based user interface can be branded according the company profile
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Module & mobile operator independent solution (different module connection, dual-SIM feature)


For what purposes we recommend?

  • Developer companies, system integrators
  • Assuring various IT services, content management
  • Serving Firewall, DNS, DHCP service
  • Routing (network or data routing), wireless data transmission
  • WiFi or Internet sharing
  • High availability (special locations)
  • Camera live image or video stream, high speed HSPA+, LTE transmission, transmitting

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