Providing solutions for corporate and industrial services with remote data transmission and data access, monitoring

Energy Management


Complex energy conscious solution for monitoring and supervising the energy consumption of offices, buildings, industrial structures.

Transparent consumption metering and visible energy consumption habits and balance are guaranteed for the residential customers and energy providers.

Data readout of several types of AMR metering systems (energy, heat quantity, electricity, water, gas) in the same system.

Local data collection and concentration and reliable wireless data transmission to the M2M data centre.

You can save energy, follow and optimize the energy usage and maintain the balance.


Further benefits

  • Solution for the companies, service providers and energetics
  • Measurement of the environmental elements (temperature, humidity, light, etc.)
  • Sensing presence, motion, green energy resources
  • Control of everything (handle of thermostat, control the lightning)
  • Cost-sharing for buildings, condiminiums, staircases, residential communities
  • Evaluating and analyzing the consumption values, appearance of the result on the user interface (graphical display, graphs, trend lines). Available for web and mobile phones (consumption balance). Client PC software for energetics, engineers and the Service Providers.
  • Device monitoring, summarization of consumptions, analysis, understanding the consumption habits, pre-planning, forecasts, reports, central device and user management, alarms
  • Billing, ERP integration


Lone-workers safeguard


Personal surveillance & tracking solution with life signal monitoring of persons for safety reasons.

The dispatcher centre will be able to listen and follow the current labour processes of the company’s employees on a map interface.

Staff members are wearing tracker devices which are continuously monitoring life signals and determining their exact location.

In case of accident or an endangered situation or dangerous labour circumstances, risks during the work, they can call help. The SOS alarm will be immediately transmitted to the Centre for provisioning and calling assistance.

The trackers sense falls, have an SOS and programmable buttons, voice communication features.



  • Determining current position of persons (visualized on the web with layered map view)
  • Following the movement and route of persons (requesting current position, continuous tracking, path of direction (signing on the map user interface)
  • For safety and control purposes (you can be satisfied and ensured about the status and vital signs of persons)
  • Signing checkpoints to the centre (persons can send signals with buttons as checkpoints, using internal codes or event signalling with buttons)
  • Emergency call in case of neccessary (immediate SOS signal sending, voice communication with the dispatching centre/patrol service)
  • Sending alarm signal to the centre (SOS signal sending with accurated GPS coordinate) – e.g. in case of attack, emergency, danger
  • You can configure operation or safe zones (in case of leaving or entering the zone, sends an alarm)


Workforce Management


All-in-one solution location determining and vehicle fleet tracking solution, especially for safety, logistics and monitoring reasons for the vehicles and drivers of the company. Automatised dispatching software for service cars with monitoring, management features and map user interface.

After recording the complaint (ticket opening) is forwarded to the Dispatcher Centre. The service staff in charge provision the case and delegates the service task to the closest service car of the repair field and notifies the responsible service car driver.

The driver receives the job and location details on the PNA device, while the device nagivates to the destination. The GPS tracker continuously monitors the movement parameters, life signals – and sends all of these through wireless Internet connection to the centre.

The service task will be performed by the details of the e-Worksheet and later will be reported as a finished job. The ticket will be closed in the centre.



  • The centre will be able to tracking, following the movement and path of the vehicle
  • A layered, map-based user interface helps the visual tracking
  • Status changes and life signals of the vehicle will be sensed and transmitted to the centre (during the route)
  • The events will reported in realtime to the centre (movement, long stops, ignition, collision, etc.)
  • The vehicle parameters during on the route will be sent (as speed, distance, heading, traffic)
  • The dispatcher centre will always know where the vehicles are located and will be able easy to find the closer vehicle for a task
  • You can keep voice touch with the driver
  • Communication outages automatically sensed at the centre
  • All activities and interactions are logged
  • For the centre complete provisioning feature
  • In case of emergency or alarm sending the centre will be automatically notified about the case, and the exact circumstances will be determined
  • Possibility to the intervene and give assistance (e.g. calling the ambulance, patrol service, security group, disaster recovery)
  • The costs of the company will be decreased (fuel, finde shorter tracks)
  • You can optimize the work processes and the vehicle’s route (replay, replan) with increasing the availability of the employees and growing the efficiency
  • Ensure the route, safeguard and follow the trucks and load
  • You can analyze the logs and generate reports (long stops, movements out of the route)


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Personal tracker with emergency call and fall-detection feature


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