Energy Management

Take care about your company’s monthly expenses! Give clearance to the company’s energy balance, costs energy managementby applying our energy management and a swank displaying system.

The all-in-one energy conscious system is collecting the consumption data (data of your energy meters) at your residency. While you’ll be able to continously monitoring the energy usage and consumption of your office, buildings or your productive area.

The consumption read out is carried out of – several type of gas, water, electricity, heat meters. The wireless data transmitting from the site to centre is provided by our wireless M2M & IoT modems, routers and data concentrators.

Our communication devices are using reliable 2G/3G wireless and the new 4G LTE networks. We are also prodiving the latest LTE 450/CDMA 450 industrial modules and the low-power NB-IoT (narrow-band) Cat.M modules.

The data evaluation, visualization of the results is provided by our EMR Metering server with modern displaying (total usage, consumption trends, habits, balance, graphs), reports, notification and outage management.

You can also expand your system by further measurement devices, smart & wireless sensors, pulse counters.

The company will get up-to-date info of the energy usageable to follow the costs. While you can optimize the energy usage and maintain the balance by saving energy during long-term usage of our system!

  • Traditional meters (pulse-capable), wireless smart meters (wireless M-bus)
  • Measurement- and pulse-detection sensors (temperature, humidity, light, presence, motion, water-level, etc.)
  • Data concentrator options for lead the communication on dedicated channels
  • 2G/3G/4G/CDMA 450/LTE 450/NB-IoT wireless data transmitting
  • Evaluating and analyzing data on server side
  • Espectacular visualisation (consumption balance, measuremenets, details, graphs, trends – displaying system)
  • Client software for energetics, engineers and service providers (device monitoring and configuration analysis, forecasts, reports, device and user management, alarms, ERP integration) 
  • Companies, offices
  • Service providers
  • Energetics

Lone-workers safeguard

Personal surveillance tracking and event monitoring (due our GPS trackers) for safety and lifelone workers safeguard protection purposes.

Determine position of your employees (lone-workers) at dangerous places, where extreme weather conditions are presented), follow the labour processes.
The tracker is transmitting GPS coordinates of the staff members location on wireless network, the visualization is provided on map for the dispatcher center. Also providing periodical monitoring of position, device life signals and events.

Trackers are equipped with SOS button for emergency call and body fall detection feature. Enhance the work safety and assure life protection by this service!

If it’s necessary, the worker can call for help (endangered situation, risks or treats during the work, accident). The alarm will be immediately transmitted to the centre for provisioning and calling assistance (help or ambulance).

The EMR Tracking software assures map view and user interface for the surveillance centre to be notified about the detected alarms. They’re able to record the event, and interfere (initiate a voice call to the location) and provision.

  • On-demand requesting of GPS data, report
  • Continuous track/following, detection of events, life signals
  • Location & coordinate positioning and 2G/3G data transmitting
  • Easy usageeasy to wear, pre-configured settings, accessories
  • Trackers are capable for sending internal codes/checkpoint data to the centre
  • One-key emergency call (pre-defined phone numbers)
  • SOS alarm & immediate GPS data sending to the centre (for treats, attack, danger)
  • Life protectionsafety watch (listening on voice channel) in trouble), fall detection
  • Fallback communication channel, reliable battery, signal & voltage level monitoring, outage management
  • Realtime alarm notification
  • Configurable zones (alarm initiated when you’re out of the operation zone)
  • EMR Tracking server user interface with historical database, data storage
  • Safety companies and service providers
  • Labour safety (industrial workers, servicemen, drivers, chemical & energetics workers)
  • Safeguarding (banks, mailmen, tax inspectors, guards, etc.)

Workforce Management

All-in-one service and workforce management solution for service providers.Workforce Management

Service job management and continuous monitoring by vehicle tracking (GPS trackers) and navigation implementation for better and optimized logistics & effective service purposes.

The map-layered dispatching software collaborates with the vehicle trackers and the navigation PNA devices.

You can maintain a servicedecrease the company costs of the service company (fuel, time). Optimize labour processes (analyze logs, generate reports, replay the route, re-plan ). Increase the availability of serice cars, employees and the efficiency of your company’s tasks!

The system helps the dispatchers at vehicle election, job delegation and provides management and ticketing system, continuous tracking and monitoring of the service cars and the route conditions, traffic, etc. and for sure able to intiate provisioning.

It has benefits for vehicle drivers to get the delegated jobs, navigation and bearing, report the finished jobs, and provides emergency call and alarm possibilities, voice communication with the head-end office.

The trackers are also monitoring the car movement parameters, life signals and sending them through wireless network to the centre with location coordinates.

Secure the route, protect the vehicles and the load!

  • Follow vehicle route, getting life signals, vehicle parameters and movement dataroute conditions
  • Voice communication (between driver and head-end office)
  • Central management and ticketing, provisioning 
  • Layered, map-based user interface for dispatching with historical database 
  • Realtime event/alarm management (movement, long stops, off the track, ignition, collision, emergency, etc.)
  • Immediate vehicle location (to find nearest car)
  • Monitoring of life signals, communication outages, event log
  • Service companies
  • Logistics transportation 
  • Taxi service

Pay attention to the following solutions, products


EMR Metering

Consumption meter data displaying for Utility companies and Providers by open source software


EMR Tracking

Continuous GPS tracking for safety reasons – with central surveillance software


WMP 301

Phone and personal tracker with GPS location determination capabilities, emergency call and fall-detection feature


WMV 500

OBD vehicle tracker with continuous vehicle computer data sending


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