With the VBIP® communicator, it is possible to forward the phone (voice) signals of alarm systems in DTMF/Contact ID format through wired Ethernet network to a compatible remote security center.

One of the compatible devices is, for example, the M2M Digital Receiver®, which can receive IP protocols in its base form.

The application of this device is recommended in places where there is no phone, but the Ethernet network is installed, because it is capable of transmitting data through wired IP connection. The VBIP® can be used with existing phone lines as well, if the voice line quality is not good enough for connecting the alarm center directly, but there is also an Internet connection. 



  • Forwarding phone voice communication through Ethernet network
  • Phone call signal transmitting for safety and security companies
  • Remote dispatching on locations where the wired Internet is available
  • Where securing of a backup communication channel is required (e.g. fire alarming systems

MAIN FEATURES (over the features of the VBIP® device)

  • Compact design (can be connected directly to the TIP/RING terminals)
  • DTMF/Contact ID dialer capture
  • 2 programmable I/O ports (with the VBIP-IO add-on module)
  • Fixed or Dynamic (DHCP) IP address
  • Programmable via USB port (VUP or VIUP adapter required)
  • Remote (Shell-Telnet) access option, remote programming
  • Firmware upgrade via USB port
  • 2 servers (receiver) can be set for backup/full reporting mode
  • The servers can have fixed IP or dynamic (DNS) addresses.
  • Reporting IP protocol can be set by servers (UDP/TCP, reporting format, etc.)
  • SIA IP Event Reporting protocol support (SIA DC-09)
  • AES128 Encryption available
  • E-mail reporting option
  • Extra IP Options: IP-2-Serial application, Remote I/O control via IP

Pay attention to the following products


M2M Digital Receiver

Digital safety signal transmission receiver for security dispatcher centres, fire alarm and remote monitoring centers

VBIPPRO fehér háttérrel (640x612)


Forwarding communication of alarm systems through Ethernet network to the remote dispatcher centre


M2M IP2 Digital Receiver

IP receiver card and monitoring device with GPRS signal transmission for remote security stations, dispatcher centers


Wireless Safety Transmitter

Wireless safety transmitter with CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / Narrow Band communication for safety dispatcher centers. Standalone safety alarming, gate control (option).


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