Multifunctional, industrial HSxPA router in a robust case. The usage of the router is recommended for industrial, safety & security areas and other professional tasks.


It can be used for:

  • estabilishing and ensuring continous connection among mobile networks (2G-3G) and their connected devices
  • offering the highest possible mobile network transmission bandwidth for applications and services
  • receiving the data of connected devices which use different communication protocols (like M-Bus, Modbus TCP, Mbus Master, RS232, RS485, Ethernet) 
  • processing system devices (the router software must contain the required communication protocol)
  • assuring Internet data connection at locations where it is not possible with the traditional technologies


The router offers high availability, fault tolerance and high reliability by the reliable Linux® operating system and the special industrial applications.

The router can be accessed on its interfaces (RS232/RS485, USB and Ethernet). It is able to receive and collect the data from connected industrial devices and forward them (filtered/transparent communication (e.g. Modbus TCP master, Modbus RTU at RS485 or RS232 interface, M-BUS master, etc.)).

The device can forward the collected data to a remote IP address or visualize them on the web interface of the M2M server service.

The configuration is easy and can be achived at the built-in web user interface.

It has dual-SIM usage option (two different mobile operators can be configured for the SIM cards – the secondary SIM used as spare (backup), which can be activated in case of communication failure of the primary mobile network).

Available PIN-code secure defense available and the internet network traffic can also be monitored (when the monthly limit reached, a message is sent to the user).


2G/3G module options:

  • Gemalto® MC75i (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)


Expansion modules

  • RS485 module (for more industrial device connection – Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, M-bus master communication)


Recommended usage

  • Office Gateway & Router
  • Data collector for Metering and Industry (PLCs, industrial devices, measurement systems)
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Monitoring device, remote access
  • IP camera live image/stream transmission
  • NVR, DVR distribution
  • Measurement data providing & forwarding
  • Maintenance (ATM terminals, Vending machines, server room & BTS monitoring)
  • Alternative Internet path (3G)
  • Providing network services (Advanced routing, Firewall, DHCP, DNS)


  • Network options:
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 LAN
    • 2G/3G mobile network
  • Data connection via serial ports (RS232, RS485 – optional)
  • Internal module connector for various 2G/3G modules:
    • Gemalto® EHS5, miniPCI express conn., dual-band (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSxPA) – HSDPA Cat.8/HSUPA Cat.6 (7.2 Mbps DL/5.76 Mbps UL), EDGE Class 12 (237 kbps DL/237 kbps UL), GPRS Class 12 (85.6 kbps DL/85.6 kbps UL)
    • Option® GTM378, miniPCI express conn., quad-band (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA), GPRS Class 12 (85.6 kbps), EDGE Class 12 (247 kbps), UMTS (384kbps), HSDPA (1.8-7.2 Mbps DL/384 kbps UL)
    • Gemalto® MC75i (GPRS/EDGE), quad-band, GPRS Class 12 (85.6 kbps), EDGE Class 12 (237 kbps)
  • Dual-SIM technology
    • 2x normal (mini) SIM* card: 25x15mm (can be used for PH8)
    • Two different mobile operator can be configured for the SIM cards. In case of network or communication troubles it switches automatically between the operators)
  • External data storage connection (data collection)
    • 2x USB pendrive
    • MicroSD memory card
  • Compatible with most of the PLC devices (Siemens®, Omron®, Bosch®, Zelio®, etc.)
  • 12V 1A power supply (8-32VDC)
  • Operation status LEDs
  • Roboust aluminum case (fixable with screws to C-rail)



  • Free micro Linux® distribution with a web-based configuration interface
    • Network settings
    • Data connection: RS232/RS485
    • Modbus protocol (Modbus TCP master, Modbus RTU RS485 on RS232 interface, M-Bus master) – filtered or transparent Modbus- and SNMP v3.0 registers (for PLC connection), SNMP
    • Save and restore configuration, device restart
    • Customizable new menu items and implementing 3rd party applications
  • Security features:
    • System monitoring
    • Event logging
    • Mobile connection auto recovery
    • SIM PIN-code defense
    • Firewall
    • Config restore
    • Reset



  • Free micro Linux® distribution with a web-based configuration interface:
    • Status informations
    • System log
    • System administration
    • Updates, installing applications
    • Connection & network settings
    • Network services (DHCP, IP routing (Ethernet-3G, ISP WAN-3G), DynDNS, NAT, Port forwarding, NTP, Telnet, SSH, AES, Xauth, Tunneling (VPN, PPTP, L2TP), Connection Tracking settings, IPv4
    • Time service
    • FTP services
    • Data connection: RS232/RS485
    • Modbus protocol (Modbus TCP master, Modbus RTU RS485 on RS232 interface, M-Bus master) – filtered or transparent
      Modbus- and SNMP v3.0 registers (GSM signal strength and cell info, PPP connection, PLC & Modbus registers, PLC time syncro, receiving unique regs)
    • SNMP features: data query, data storage, cyclic data sending via 2G/3G)
    • Save and restore configuration
    • Device restart
    • Customizable new menu items and implementing 3rd party applications
  • Security functions:
    • System monitoring
    • Event logging
    • Mobile connection auto recovery
    • SIM PIN-code defense
    • Internet traffic monitoring
    • Firewall
    • Config restore
    • Reset



  • FCC, CE certification



  • Dimensions: 150x35x85mm
  • Weight: 470gr
  • IP 51 protection
  • Operation temperature: between -20°C and +55°C at 5 – 95% rel. humidity



  • 230V/12V 1A power adapter unit
  • Various type and gained SMA antennas
  • C-rail adapter (fixation unit)
  • RS485/Modbus adapter


This product assigned with CE symbol according to the EU regulations. The product fits to R&TTE 99/5/CE, FCC, ROHS standards and requirements and the standards and directives.

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