M2M Easy Fire

Fire alarm transmitting communicator device for surveillance centers

Wireles transmit
GPRS access
Fire alarming
Fault detection
Product code:
Easy v1 FIRE

The M2M Easy Fire® transmits the alarm signals of the fire alarming systems to the surveillance or dispatcher centre.

The device has 4pcs independently programmable input lines.

All signal changes of these input lines will be automatically transmitted with Contact ID codes, in the defined protocol through the reliable GPRS channel to the centre to a pre-defined IP address.

It is able to transmit the alarm signals of the connected alarm center in standard Contact ID (CID) format to the remote fire alarmint or or surveillance center.

By using the GPRS channel, it can be guaranteed that the critical remote signalling is performed within 10 seconds (as it is required in the fire alarming standards).

The reliable device also sends life signals at pre-defined intervals. Therefore, it is possible to continuously follow the operation and site events.

The configuration of the device parameters can be performed through a serial port during the installation. Later it is possible to carry out the configuration remotely, via SMS commands.



  • Fire alarm transmission to the centre
  • Security, safety appliances (transmission to the dispatcher centre)
  • Remote monitoring of existing fire alarming systems
  • Monitoring digital outputs (via SMS, voice, GPRS)


  • Beside of the fire alarm centers, the fire alarm signals will be forwarded in compatible format according to the international standards (SIA CID/DTMF, Enigma (M2M Digital Receiver))
  • Fire alarm signal transmission to to the remote security or alarm center, fire alarm centre to a server IP address analog, voice-based Contact ID transmitting on GSM to a phone number
  • ALARM- and voltage/contact input signals (input line status changes):
    • Generate Contact ID code (as answer to the signal of the input line)
    • GPRS transmitting to an IP address
    • Initiate voice call to a phone number
    • Initiate SMS alert messages and voice call from the alarm events (max. 4 phone numbers)
  • Output can be controlled remotely:
    • With SMS commands
    • Output contact can be controlled with commands
  • Life signals
    • Sends life signals on GSM to analog remote surveillance centers
    • Free to configure the life signal sending frequency and input line delay
  • High availability, reliability and stability with continuous operation
    • SIMCOM® SIM900 module
    • GSM/GPRS Class 8) – DL: 85.6 kbps/ UL: 21.4 kbps
    • GPRS Multislot Class 8 GPRS Mobilestation B class
    • Voice mode, emergency call
    • SMS features



  • 4x switchable voltage/contact input (can be switched by jumpers), non-isolated
  • 2x relay output
  • 1x simulated analog phone line input (ALARM) for security alarm centers
  • 1 x incoming analog phone line connector
  • 1 x outgoing analog phone line connector
  • Power chord connector (12VDC,800mA)
  • Serial port connector (RJ11)
  • SMA-M antenna connector (50 Ohm)
  • Internal SIM card bay
  • Internal interface for expansion module – phone line simulation interface and Contact ID expander module (optional)



  • Simulated analog line generating – by this can communicate with an analog device through the GSM network
  • Analog phone line connection oppor-tunity (the priority of the channels (GSM, analog line) can be configured)
  • Analog phone line output for further devicesa
  • Signal transmitting of online alarm centers via analog phone line or GSM network
  • Generate Contact ID signals from the input line signal changes


  • Communication software which especially developped for fire alarming and signal transmitting
  • Local configuration, the settings can be stored
  • DR-Term® configuration software: Security, safety and fire alarming settings, Report settings sending, Remote server settings, Software refresh, software change possible via: serial port (RJ11), Whole parameter configuration via: serial port (RJ11), SMS commands, Remote access by:, SMS
  • Operation status LEDs (status of input lines status, GPRS communication, SIM availability, device operation)
  • CE certification



  • Current: 20mA/12V (standby), 130-150mA (1800MHz 1W/900MHz  2W)
  • Input high signal: 5-24V
  • Input low signal: 0-1V
  • Current in active status (contact input): 5-7mA
  • Switchable current: 0.5A – 125VAC; 1A – 24VDC
  • Status LED signals: Power supply, Voltage/contact input line status, , Relay output status, Alarm system connection status, GSM module status , Operation status



  • Dimensions: 104x104x31mm
  • Case: aluminum case (red)
  • Fixation: to a C-rail
  • IP51 protection
  • Operation temperature: between -20°C and +55°C at 0-99% rel. humidity

This product assigned with CE  symbol according to the European regulations.

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