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Multifunctional device for transmitting the Contact ID signals of alarm systems through GSM/GPRS network toward dispatching or alarm centers.

The device is able to signaling remotely to any IP receiver or for the alarm centre.

It is also able to sense the received alarm events on input lines independently from an external alarm system, when the Customer is notified.

The relay output can control a connected device remotely – without any cost.


• Analog voice-call based alarm signaling through GSM to the alarm centre or by phone line
• GPRS data transmitting (to IP receiver or IP address (primary & secondary))
• Sending life signals through GSM/GPRS
• Generating alarms for signal changes of input lines
• SMS alarm notification (up to 4 phone numbers)
• Remote control by SMS message/phone ringing
• Various protocols, Contact ID international format, compatibility with several alarm systems

• 2pcs inputs (voltage/contact): sensing input status changes, generate alarms
• 1pcs output (remote control/switching)
• Alarm Tip-Ring input (for an alarm system)
• Serial connection (configuring parameters)

• Reliable operation, automatic network recovery
• Easy installation, parametrizing software
• Remote/local configuration/firmware updates
• LED display (status/failure/signal strength)



  • Transmission to dispatcher centre
  • Transmitter for alarm systems
  • Standalone alarm signaling
  • Safety tasks
  • Remote control (gate opening, boiler control, switching)
  • Remote monitoring of input lines

Configuration parameters

• Alarm dispatching centre/IP receiver settings
• Alarm and zone settings
• Free to configure life signal sending intervals
• Report and SMS notification settings
• Input settings / Relay output settings
• Remote server parameters
• IO expansion settings
• Terminal emulation (log, AT commands)
• Firmware updates
• Saving/loading configuration file



• Locally, through serial port
• With SMS commands
• Through TCP/IP connection


Remote control

• With SMS commands
• Through TCP/IP connection
• Contact output control with SMS commands or by phone ringing


Remote gate opening

• With SMS commands or by phone ringing
• Bi-stable or mono-stable operation mode (delay can be configured up to 1 day)
• Max 125 phone numbers in contact list


Software updates

• Locally, through serial port
• From Ftp server
• Through TCP/IP connection


Package contentm2m_easy2

• M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator®
• Magnetic GSM/GPRS antenna
• Terminal blocks (for wiring)
• Fixation parts
• EasyTerm® configuration software




Technical data


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