The M2M Digital Receiver® is a multi-line, multi-format digital receiver for commercial fire and burglary monitoring.

The standard unit consists of a CPM Central Processing Card, two LC Line Cards and a PWR Power Card. With additional Line Cards, the receiver can be enabled to monitor up to 8 telephone lines.

The device  can receive and decode most of the popular and commonly used communication formats. Stores all events with time and date stamped.

All information is displayed on the large LCD screen, and the events may be printed and/or forwarded to a computer.

To ensure security, all programming functions, including the adjustment of the real time clock and date is password protected.



The digital receiver is fully compatible with the generally and mostly used software packages like: Alarm SyS ®, SIMS II®, Microkey SIS® other security monitoring softwares which supports Sur-Gard ®protocol with the Sur-Gard®, MLR2 driver



  • Safety and security companies and remote dispatcher centers


  • Standalone IP Receiver
  • Up to 8 LC2 PSTN line cards
  • Dual Channel RC2 Radio receiver card option (UHF 440..450MHz)
  • 2000-event non-volatile event buffer in the CPM2
  • 500-event non-volatile buffer on each line cards
  • Real-time clock and calendar in the CPM2
  • 2 independent fast RS232 ports
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports (versions prior 2.20 have 1 USB port only)
  • 1 parallel printer port (Centronics compatible)
  • 1 100Mbps Ethernet port (REV3, 10Mbps for REV1, REV2)
  • Programmable serial port configuration
  • Fast transmission of multiple events to the computer and/or printer to ensure fast operator response
  • Continuous control of the cards by the CPM2
  • Continuous check of the receiver-computer link with “heartbeat”protocol
  • Caller ID capability (Type II SDMF/MDMF)
  • Telephone line supervision
  • 3/1, 4/2 formats with or without parity and 4/1 without parity for pulse formats at 10..40 bps
  • 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 DTMF formats
  • 3/2 and 4/1 with checksum, and extended formats optional
  • Acron DTMF format
  • Ademco Contact ID format
  • Ademco SuperFast or High Speed format with or without parity
  • Ademco Express format
  • FBII Superfast format with or without parity
  • SIA FSK format: 110 and 300 baud, tone and data acknowledge. Full level 2, partial level 3 support.
  • 1400Hz, 2300Hz, Dual-tone and SIA FSK/CFSK handshakes in programmable sequence
  • Large graphical LCD screen
  • Event libraries for plain language message display (Contact-ID and SIA built-in, 4/2 option)
  • All Cards operate independently to ensure continuous function during maintenance or firmware upgrades
  • Each PSTN line card has an output for 2-way audio support
  • Inputs on the CPM2 for external acknowledge and tamper supervision
  • AC failure detection and backup battery supervision
  • High-performance Flash RISC microprocessors.
  • Firmware Upgrade by user supported
  • Highly reliable SMD technology
  • Standard eurocard circuit board design for reduced complexity and easy servicing.

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