Remote Device Manager

Online & central router management, continuous QoS monitoring and mass firmware updates, mass configuration for your router devices, remotely

Router access
Remote checking
FW upgrades
QoS monitor
Product code:
Device Manager

Remote router management platform with analytics capabilities.

The application is providing continuous central management of your wireless networking routers (as M2M Router®, M2M Router PRO 3®, M2M Router PRO 4®).

By online & central router managementreceiving the device availability info, monitoring life signals, operation characteristics – and due to the analytics data – it is continuously checking the QoS values (as quality of the mobile network, device communication health, performance and connectivity).

The system assures outage management, user- and device management features are available.

It stores the device configuration in its database, while offers safe & mass remote configuration of devices – even the remote distribution of a custom setting to all of your routers – by mass remote firmware updates.

Cost-effective: you’ll need one installation to maintain your whole device farm, wireless Internet networking routers. 

Maintain and control your devices simply and remotely from the Dashboard!

m2m device manager

We offer to manage our routers by Remote Device Manager® application, which provides continuous central management with QoS monitoringmass configuration / firmware updates by remotely.


  • Client & server application for central monitoring / management 
  • Dashboard with device status and QoS analytics (availability, wireless signal strength, life signals)
  • Supporting fixed and dynamical IP addresses
  • Outage management (alarms, eventsm, automatic reconnection in case of failure)
  • Storage of router configuration
  • Central and mass distribution of firmware/ configuration
  • Manage device operations (reboot, performance & network settings)
  • SNMP Manager for tracking software releases / validation of fw releases
  • WiFi support / TR-069 support
  • User & Device Management



  • Utility companies
  • Industrial users
  • Corporate partners
  • Smart Grid infrastucture
  • Maintenance & monitoring centers

Remote Management

Manage routers, one device or group of devices. Manage users, locations and their data, build an infrastructure of your smart grid.


Device configuration

Mass & remote configuration of wireless routers. Storage of a custom configuration of each device.

Deploy new configuration for a group of routers.


Central Management

Manage operation (restart, setup, reconnect).



Continously checks the availability and the QoS (communication health and signal strength of network), providing life signals of devices by remotely.


Software Deployment

Deploy, install and manage the remote firmware updates. Check availability and validation.


Alarms, Events

Notify users about events, pre-defined alarm events. Record the events and the activities (historical records – helps the data center).


Supported systems

The management application and the client versions are supported on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and Active Directory® services.



Ask our sales about the conditions of usage.



SQL database, data encryption. System monitoring, outage management, event viewer, log.

Pay attention to the following products


M2M Router

Industrial basic IoT router with choosable CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-M, Narrow Band access, Ethernet and RS232/RS485 option


M2M Router PRO 3

Industrial IoT router with choosable 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 access, optional expansion boards (DUAL SIM, WiFi, RS485 Modbus)


M2M Router PRO 4

Industrial smart IoT LTE router with 4 Ethernet ports, RS232/RS485 port, DUAL SIM feature


Narrow Band M2M Router

Industrial basic NB-IoT LTE-M Cat.M, Cat.NB router with Ethernet and RS232/RS485 option


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