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EMR Workforce

GPRS tracking of service vehicles for safety and logistics reasons – addition to the provider cars and drivers.

All-in-one task management and monitoring with the help of the automated dispatching software.



  • Multi-layer map user interface which helps the visualized tracking
  • The centre is always informed about the location of his vehicles – find, follow and track!
  • Interventions at anytime, easy to organize and optimize the route
  • Real-time monitored and reported events to the centre during the whole route:
    • all movement parameters (as speed, distance, movement, long stops, ignition)
    • status changes (as path, traffic conditions, device life signals, fuel level, deviation from the route, collision, etc.)
  • Safety
    • Any activity, interaction, event is logged
    • Centre notification about the life signal- and communication outages
    • Secure the route by tracking, provide the emergency call option for the driver!
    • Collision detection, emergency call option, auto notification sending (with position, details)
  • Decrease the maintenance costs (reduce fuel, less miles on route, less time
  • Reports



  • Service vehicles
  • Road delivery, parcel services
  • Workforce management
  • Logistics tracking


  • Due to the GPS-tracking, the software is able to detect the nearest vehicle to the service location and select the car without manual operation, then send the details of the repair task. Therefore the system delegates the task for the nearest service team.
  • The job is shown on the Garmin® PNA device screen, the repairman only has to “accept” the waiting tasks (e-Worksheet) then receives the location data and technical information.
  • The driver heads towards the service area, while the PNA navigates. En route, the GPS tracker detects and monitorize the movement parameters, life signals which are continuously sent through the mobile Internet connection to the dispatching centre.
  • After the completion of the reparation task, it is reported as completed. The finished status will be signalled to the centre, the incident will be closed in the ticketing system by the dispatcher.
  • On the way, the centre can initiate intervention (call, messaging, modification or delegation of the tasks).


GPS features

Supporting Garmin® PNA e-Work (delegation of service tasks) and vehicle GPS-tracking, movement/route data, evaluation of life signals, displaying routes on a map.

Receiving the IO-signals of GPS-trackers (analog, digital), remoute control of outputs (e.g. ignition).


EMR dispatching centre

Central monitoring, map view with tracking.
“Ticketing” system for the incoming call/incidents, provisioning.


Alarms, Events

Indicating alarms/emergency calls, notification of the dispatching centre, continuous life signal monitoring, recording events, event logging, detection of communication outages.

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WMP 301

Phone and personal tracker with GPS location determination capabilities, emergency call and fall-detection feature


Wireless Safety Transmitter

Wireless safety transmitter with CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / Narrow Band communication for safety dispatch centers. Stand-alone safety alarms, gate control (option)


Wireless Fire Alarm Transmitter

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M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator

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