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EMR Tracking

The EMR Tracking® is a supervision and surveillance software for you business and services, which provides central data evaluation, visualization and management of the incoming data of the GPS tracker devices.

In addition to the classic security- and safety-associated tracking and surveillance options, there are intervention possibilities to the related incoming events via the “ticketing” management system (such as registering incoming calls/incidents, initiating an emergency call, voice communication, provisioning).



  • Safety of your properties (persons, workforce, vehicles, assets, shipments)
  • GPS location determination
  • Supporting wide range of tracker devices
  • Data evaluation, visualisation
  • Central monitoring the life signals, health status
  • Track and follow the movement, path on map user interface
  • Event detection during the operation
  • Continuous notifcation about current location and status
  • Simple alarm option – in case of emergency
  • Failure and outage detection
  • Realtime dispatcher centre notification
  • Ticketing system for incoming calls
  • Provisioning



  • Patrol surveillance
  • Asset tracking
  • Elderly- and patient care
  • Lone workers safeguard
  • Workforce management


  • The GPS tracker identifies and locates the position, condition, status – and periodically sends data to the centre (through the GPRS/3G network)
  • The devices are signalling furter parameters – as power voltage, charge, operation status, GPS data, events, alarms)
  • In the centre, the current determined position and movement (e.g. route) with the latest known status will be shown on the map-layered view
  • Opportunity to track and follow, monitor, identify events
  • Failure and outage detection – due to the automatic monitoring of life signals of devices
  • Manual or automatic emergency call (with emergency button, body fall detection)
  • The centre will be notified from the events which will be registered into the EMR system (incidents). The provisioning will be added to the opened ticket.


Incoming GPS data

Wide support of GPS-trackers, GPS- and movement data, life signals – data evaluation and visualisation.


EMR dispatching centre

Central monitoring, map view with tracking.
“Ticketing” system for the incoming call/incidents, provisioning.


Alarms, Events

Indicating alarms, notification of the dispatching centre, continuous life signal monitoring, recording events, event log.

Pay attention to the following products


WMP 301

Phone and personal tracker with GPS location determination capabilities, emergency call and fall-detection feature


Wireless Safety Transmitter

Wireless safety transmitter with CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / Narrow Band communication for safety dispatch centers. Stand-alone safety alarms, gate control (option)


Wireless Fire Alarm Transmitter

Wireless fire alarm signal transmitter and system monitoring with CDMA450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / Narrow Band communication for fire alarm dispatchers & centers


M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator

Alarm signal transmission through GSM/GPRS network


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