Since the foundation

The company was founded in year 2002, in Budapest, Hungary. We are operating offices in Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) with 30 employees – mainly engineers.

Who we are?

We are a significant IoT/M2M developer and manufacturer company in Europe and international traders. We can deliver our products worldwide!

We design and develop wireless communication solutions, which are all based on the IoT (Internet of Things) and the M2M (machine to machine) technologies, by serving mainly LTE and Narrow-Band data transmitting and complete service to our Customers.

Our scalable data transmitting devices are using the mobile providers’ internet (CDMA 450, 2G, 3G, LTE 4G, LTE 450, LTE Cat.M, Narrow Band Cat.NB) and the Cloud services to connect systems and the data centers. These all are retrofit 2G -> 4G, by migration and design.

The product families which we provide are covering the international customer and industrial needs – where we are focusing to the IoT market, by offering mobile network platform, complete data transmitting solutions (system intergarion, SIM card services, etc.) to our Customers

We serve them with our 16 years experiences, professional skills through our wireless data transmitting solutions (hardwaresoftware and applications).

                               Managing Director
                                    Bela KORMOS 
                                                  Managing Director

We and our Partners

We are accepted and recognized partner of the international mobile operators and the system integrators, utility companies, energy providers, safety- and industrial companies.

We are successful Partners of the Gemalto®, Telit® international module manufacturers.

We are dealers of famous international companies.


  • Smart metering modems (water, gas, electricity) for the energy consumption meters
  • Street light control
  • Smart Grid & Load management
  • Industrial IoT routers, data concentrators (digital inputs, registers for PLC and Scada systems)
  • Signal transmitting communicators (safety & fire alarm systems, gate & barrier control)


Continue to offer complete solutions for the Smart Grid, the Industry, for the providers and smart cities – to remote readout of consumption meters (AMI), smart metering and measurement systems, for telemetrical and industrial automation, maintenance fields.

We cover the customer needs also by our developments from the PCB design, the software integration, to the wireless data transmitting and provider needs (as notification, alarming, remote access and control).

We assure the industrial needs by our developments and software integration – from the onsite connection, through the data transmitting up to the central data collection, while we provide remote access, control, monitoring and continuous life signals and notification.


Our aim is to improve the environmental benefits in all M2M/IoT core processes, to extend the wireless smart technologies to the latest network platforms (such as Narrow-Band, and LTE) and for the special industrial or closed / private networks (as CDMA 450, LTE 450).

We are targeting projects to the new market fields, by serving the client-requirements to extend our products to the international markets. We are open for new target areas, and sectors.
Due to our wide experience in development and support, we’d like to involve the systems of new Partnerts and Clients and to connect and integrate their devices to help their work, activities and communication, by saving resources and lead them to the world of IoT.

Core values

  • 16 years of experiences in development and design at mobile communication and data transmitting
  • Compatibility with any kind of mobile platforms: CDMA 450 / 2G / 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 / Narrow  Band Cat.NB, LTE Cat.M1
  • Applying wired networks (industrial Ethernet, RS485 Modbus, broadband Power Line Communication), and wireless connections (RF169/433/868, wireless M-bus)
  • Secure and protected data transfer, bi-directional communication
  • Remote access and easy program refresh, configuration – through our devices
  • Customized reader modems for industrial meters: Honeywell® / Elster®, Landis+Gyr®, Itron®, EMH®
  • Remote monitoring and management by our applications – accessible with our devices
  • During the production we pay close attention for quality control and management processes
  • We are running detailed tests for the high availability, stability and reliability of our products – test resports and certifications are prooving the results


  • Since 2006, our company introduced and operating the ISO 9001:2015 quality control standard „For the design and development of mobile data transmission devices, and for the distribution and servicing of information technological equipments. We have CERTOP ISO 9001:2015 certification.
    Our company’s development, production and business processes are ruled and performed by this quality control system.
  • We have prepared for the implementation of the IT security management system (ISO/IEC 27001). The introduction procedure is in progress.
  • Since 2016 we have obtained the international FIRA Platform qualification, an international sustainability certification, which proves that our company during its activities are operated by the requirements of international normatives and standards. Our company awarded and certified to assure that it is secure and reliable to contact business relationship with our company.
  • The WM Systems LLC is a member of the Acredited Scientific System Innovation Cluster group.
  • We have realized European Union sponsored development projects in a co-operation with the local authorities.