The company was founded in 2002 by 2 persons in Budapest, Hungary.
Now we have 25 employees, mainly engineers. We operate offices in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania.
We are M2M/IOT European market technology leader!

Our activities are based on the M2M (machine-to-machine) field, where we are serving our Partners with our technical skills and professional funds through our wireless data transmission solutions built by our developments, systems of the mobile and internet operators.

Ever since the foundation, we have been trying to add even more value to the sales field by – among others – developing our own hardware and software, and creating M2M-based data transmitting product families with the central communication and data collection of the M2M-server platform.
With the help of this portfolio, we can offer all-inclusive and complete solutions for our Clients and prospective Partners with applications for the Industry, Security, Telemetry, Monitoring and Metering fields. Furthermore, complete GPS-based Tracking solutions are provided for our Partners.

During the past 15 years, our company has grown to become a market leader on the target areas of developing, manufacturing and trading of m2m mobile communication data transmitting systems.

We are accepted and recognized partner for the international mobile operators, known partner for the system integrators, for the industrial clients, utility companies and for the service provider sector.

We are partners and successful vendors of the Gemalto®, Telit®, Option® international module manufacturers. We offer a wide range of mobile network connections due the CDMA450, 2G, 3G, LTE 4G, LTE450 and LTE 750/800 global wireless module families and M2M products for worldwide usage.
Furthermore we are the official international distributors of the LTE 31 band (450MHz) NTLM® wireless modules.

Our activities are extended over the production trading for the technical support, software and hardware integration tasks.

Our sales offers the newest state-of-the-art technologies through a wide product range we have developed, which are using these mobile data transmission solutions for the emerging needs and target areas. Therefore we have international projects, referencies during the past years. With our developments and success projects during the last decade could begin a lot of new M2M-based systems all over the world and they are still working for sure!

     Béla Kormos
     Managing Director 

  • 2002: first shipment of PCMCIA GPRS-cards to mobile operators at the dawn of the GPRS era, followed by USB stick 2G-3G modems and routers.
  • 2004: our devices reformed the safety, safeguarding and security surveillance fields in our country; we developed the first GPRS signal transmitting devices.
  • 2006: creation of the first national IT system platform in mobile network with more than a few thousand endpoints; the system is still successfully used.
  • 2011: notable success in electricity remote metering, while we started development and production work as an OEM Partner of famous international companies.
  • Main successes of the last years:
    • We developed the Easy 2 Security Communicator® GPRS-based signal transmitting device which is suitable for security companies and dispatcher centers.
    • Our remote water metering modem  (WM-AMR-WATER) was developed with the support of the EU. The product won the Best Product prize in Hungary and other in Slovakia.
    • The web-based Online Survaillance Center is available for heat metering and heat center surveillance, which is offered to use for utility companies and service providers.
    • We published the central Online Survaillance Center for AMR (for water metering, electricity metering, etc.). The m2m server development is offered for service providers and also available for web and for smart phones.
    • The EMR Therm® is offered for heat quantity metering and surveillance. The cost-reducing solution provides residential metering readout for condominiums and intelligent homes. The collected consumption data is visualized for service distributors and the consumers in the submetering system.
    • The WM Electricity product category was made for the electricity metering modems.
    • We have security solutions for the personal tracking and patrol service tracking. The GPS trackers supported with layered map web interface. Later, the GPS category was extended with vehicle & asset tracking devices and cargo tracking solution. All of the services are available with EMR Tracking®surveillance application.
    • Expansion boards were introduced for the M2M Easy 2® product (such as IO-extender for input/output lines, and the Zigbee-extender for the wireless sensors and panic button/remote controller). The Gate Opening feature is also available. Since now, the Easy is available as a wireless standalone alarm system.
    • We have promising pilots at intelligent home and automation for wireless smart lamps, meters and WiFi hotspot endowed systems. These smart solutions were demonstarted at several exhibitons (as Internet Hungary 2014, Romanian Security Fair 2014, CeBIT 2015).
    • The M2M Router Pro family has new members for the m2m market, as the dual-SIM card option and the 3G/4G LTE/LTE 450MHz proven new router. The data concentrator vewrsion of the device offers concentrated data collection for remote metering for condominiums and utility companies (wireless M-Bus communication).
    • Since now, our developments are also available with the Telit® 2G/3G/4G LTE/LTE 450/CDMA 450 MHz wireless modules.
    • The M2M Modem Plus® family now has further variants. The RS232, RS485, the IO and the RS485 IO-extended data collection m2m modems are offered for metering and industry areas.
    • We started our new design, crystal clear, dynamic website with fresh information.
    • We have implemented the online M2M Chat and M2M Skype communication channels – contact us!
    • ur provided routers are remotely managed (by central) due the M2M Device Manager® software.
    • The hyper-speed Internet connection is possible with the high-performance, professional 4G LTE capable M2M Router® device (for DVR, high-speed mobile Internet, industrial tasks).
    • The new M2M Easy 2 Fire fire signal and alarm transmitter device also presented, which is provided to the remote maintenance and fire alarm centers.
    • Our LTE 450 (B31) products are continuously publishing. Thankful to the great interest we have created a new product group for the LTE 450-capable devices.
    • We are using the Telit xE910 module family in our products (form factor, easy step-up, reliable)
      • CDMA module for the energy market and utilities (CDMA 450MHz coverage, low data)
      • 2G dual-band and quad-band modules for global and worldwide usage, for traditional tasks
      • 3G Cat.20 modules: high-speed data transmitting, global coverage
      • 4G Cat.3 modules: hyper-speed Internet and data transmitting 
      • LTE Cat.1, IoT modules: especially offered for AMR/AMI metering, data collection for smart grids, wide LTE band support, solution for the LTE 31 Band (450MHz), future proof
      • LTE M1, NB1 standard, NB-IoT narrow-band  modules:  for remote consumption metering, central data collection (very low power, for long-term investments, with improved radio link), future proof
  • Sales:
    • Exclusive local distributors of famous german Gemalto® GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE mobile communication modules, since 10 years.
    • Distributors of the well-known belgian Option® modules and routers.
    • You can order Telit® CDMA450, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE (450/750/800) communication modules from us, send us your inquiry.
    • Official international distributors of the LTE Band 31 (450MHz) NTLM® wireless modules, you can send your inquiry.
    • Our developed OEM products are offered for our Customers, as complex solutions for target areas.
    • We also provide SIM-card based data service.
  • Development and production:
    • We have in-house designed wireless modems, communication devices (routers, data concentrators) for industrial, security and AMR applications.
    • The high-quality and high-number production of hardware devices were designed on the basis of client needs and requirements.
    • During the production, we pay close attention to continuity and reliability, which are guaranteed by the control processes (QM) and reliable wide tests.
    • For the communication devices we are developing software, which can smoothly adapt to the current system by the international standards and location needs (e.g. industrial field, metering or security requirements).
    • We do  implementation of communication protocols, develop customized drivers for the better adaptation regarding the industrial requirements and unique needs.
    • We provide managed data services for the whole m2m system, starting from client application to data collection, data evaluation and visualisation on m2m servers. We provide spectacular user interface on our web applications, m2m servers for the home users, industrial partners, energetics, dispatchers and service providers.
    • Our Partners can manage the data transmission services due to our M2M-server solutions (EMR®).
    • We offer flexible solutions for remote data access (such as web interface, mobile application, sending data to distant locations or IP, remote management, remote control, alarming, sending SMS messages, controlling devices by SMS messages).
    • Therefore the security is main important for us (central data storage for years, data encryption, authentication, logged accesses, providing secondary communication channel),
    • By our quality policy, we develop for a long-term, we produce long-life products with low failure, high reliability and fault-resistant devices which can be used widely.
  • In 2006, our company introduced – and has been operating ever since – the quality control system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard „For the design and development of mobile data transmission devices, and for the distribution and servicing of information technological equipments. Currently we have the CERTOP ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
    The company sales, service and development are performed under ISO9001.
  • We have prepared for the implementation of the IT security management system (ISO/IEC 27001:2005). The introduction procedure is in progress.
  • Our development and production is ruled by the business quality control system (ISO 9001:2008), our tasks are performed of these testing processes and quality assurance system.
  • Since the year 2014 our company obtained and has the AAA certification, the highest possible qualification level of trustiness.
  • The WM Systems LLC is a member of the Acredited Scientific System Innovation Cluster group.
  • The European Union sponsored development projects of us were realized in a co-operation with the local authorities.
  • We obtained the international FIRA Platform bronze level qualification. The assurance certification proves that our company during its activities are operated by the requirements of international normatives and standards. Our company awarded and certified to assure that it is secure and reliable to contact business relationship with our company.