Dear Valued Partner, We've just implemented the chat access on our website, therefore you can reach us from now on with one button, any time you want. Whenever you wish to contact us quickly and simply to get some product information, just contact us on the M2M Chat line and ask your questions! During working hours we can receive your chat messages and questions online. Outside working hours, your messages will be registered in the answering system so that we can answer your questions on the next business day as soon as possible.
The M2M Chat provides realtime communication for you. You can start the chat conversation on our website with the right-side button XYZ XYZ at the bottom. You only have to enter your email address, your name or contact data in the pop-up chat window! Once you have written your question into the chat window and submitted it, your message immediately appears on our chat admninistrator's screen, so you can receive an answer to your question in a few seconds.
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M2M Chat - Let's keep in touch!

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