Data concentrator to serve the Automated Remote Metering (AMR)

Smart water metering on Wireless M-Bus

The M2M Pro3 Concentrator® was developed in the scope of an AMR/AMI remote meter readout development and integration project, where the device reads out the residential data of widely used and well known Zenner® water meters with Wireless M-Bus communication.

The Zenner® EDC M-Bus radio head unit primary capable and used for the traditional cold and hot water and compact heat quantity meters. This module can be easily installed and fixed later to the current meters – without loosing the certification – or can be ordered with the meter device. The default settings will be configured by the manufacturer with free of charge. The readout method performed by the head unit, whereas the meter sends electronic pulse signals which are counted by this unit.

The radio module communicates on the RF 868MHz standard. During its operation, the adapter forwards the received consumption data (in liter quantity) in every 20 seconds for our data concentrator device. Hereby, we receives and collects the data, then relay and transmits them via secure wireless industrial GPRS mobile network to the data centre.

At the server side compare and evaluate the data and they will be displayed as daily, monthly consumption (meter value) in graph view on the spectacular user interface.

Therefore, the Service Provider and also the Client will always get exact and up-to-date information regarding the tendency and dispersion of the consumptions.

Our solutions strength the international remote meter readout line of business!


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