We are announcing that it was implemented and rolled out the new LTE version flagship router product of us – the M2M Router Pro®.

The DUAL SIM router has LTE 450 MHz® communication capabilities!

It is offered and recommended for using in the whole M2M market (machine-to-machine) area.

This revision of our successful product uses the new Altair® LTE chipset (NTLM® module).

The LTE operates is a gaining strong momentum, offering a future-proof technology, for serving the growing market requirements with more efficient alternative to the legacy CDMA450 technology currently in use.

With this 4G module You can use the wireless router on four frequency bands, worldwide (450/800/1800/2600MHz).

The NTLM® 500 module supports LTE and LTE-A 9/10/11 Cat 4. standards which is suitable for 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload performance rates.

The device assures dual SIM-card usage. The router management and configuration can be performed on the local web user interface in the OpenWRT® system.


Altair Semiconductor® is a leading provider and manufacturer of LTE chipsets worldwide. The company offered the most mature and power-efficient 450MHz LTE solution for us.


The original article can be found in the PR Newswire (Israel):



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