The M2M Router Pro (formarly M2M Pro 3) is a universal router for professional tasks which was used for a public „smart light” project in Germany. The live prestentation was successful.

The main goal of the demo was the following. Our M2M Router Pro devices were assembled into modern public street lamps as powerful Full LED SL lights.  The router served the online program schedule of the public organization event on WiFi on an available website, therefore the organizers could easy to share information with the participants during the program on bigger public events such as business organizations, festivals.

The various mobile devices could login – such as mobile phones, notebooks – to the router address and the users could get free direct access without any password, and have a public connection to the website which were served by the router device.

Furthermore, the router shared and continously broadcasted the images of all connected security camera for the interested persons.

The main benefits of the solution are these: flexibility, content management, online sharing, mobile access, assuring router functions (user mobile – camera, user – website, wired ethernet camera – wireless network).
The content is easy to change for the organizers of the event on the router side (website placed on the micro SD card).


Further long-term goals of the project:

– own communication between public/street “smart” lights – traffic monitoring
– free WiFi and internet service coverage for areas
– controlling light balance/intensity through the wireless access of the light equipments – energy saving
– assuring and maintain online advertising space
– enclosed data forwarding inside an industrial area
– inquiry advertisements at shopping center parking areas
– public, street chain for enclosed monitoring & surveillance systems



FULLED light website (Kaona)

M2M Router Pro – product website


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M2M Router PRO 3

Industrial IoT router with choosable 3G / LTE 4G / LTE 450 access, optional expansion boards (DUAL SIM, WiFi, RS485 Modbus)


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