Let us introduce the newest Vehicle Tracking solution, the WMV 300® device with superior GPS capabilities.

Over the position locating functions, it is able to connect to the vehicle various interfaces to the IO ports of the tracker.

The compact sized device reads out various data of the vehicle (e.g.: fuel level, ignition, standing/movement status, speed, operation mode (taxi, service car, etc.) error codes, alarm signal).

The monitored data and location points sent in pre-defined intervals through the GPRS network to the backend server.

The tracker designed for continous usage which is guaranteed by external accumulator connection and the the internal backup battery.

Ideal choice for continuous car & vehicle tracking for fleet management, for service cars or taxi services or other logistical usage.

When it is necessary to track and determine the vehicle’s current position on the map.

You can prevent vehicle stealing, appropriation and always will be informed well about position and conditions of the vehicle usage. You always will be able to follow the important vehicle proterties of your company (position, fuel usage, speed limits, etc.).

The evaluated information can be accessed on the web by the optional web UI and You can apply this as a Fleet Management service.

In case of an alarm situations it is possible to get the information about the unwanted event at first.


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