We’d like to offer our newest product, the M2M Easy 2 Security IO®. This device is an input and output line extender PCB, which is suitable for connecting to the M2M Easy 2 Security Communicator® signal transmitter main board.

The additional IO board extends the numbers of the interface connectivity with further 6 input lines and 3 output lines. Therefore this assures 8 input and 4 output to the Easy 2® and the Easy IO® board together.

The usage of the extender board is recommended at the locations where the higher number of IO interfaces are important to use.

The functionality of the contained lines (IOs) are the same is they are used on the Easy 2® main board (contact or voltage input, and relay output).

These extra incoming signals will be also transformed to Contact ID signals as in normal way with the main board. The outputs makes able to switch the output lines. Furthermore, the devices able to detect and transmit open cirtucit event.

The connected board receives power supply via standard connector from the Easy 2®  device, whereas this can be fixed to.


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