Remote readout and transmission of public utility metering data with centralized data collection, M2M server backend, data display on web interface.

Water metering

Remote readout of water meters, pulse/relay signals with wired M-Bus or wireless M-Bus connection, waterproof and mobile solution with own power supply and web interface.

Electricity metering

Remote readout of electricity meters with connected modem devices through DLMS protocol, storing events & parameters, remote access & control.


Remote value and parameter readout from the calorimeters with a modem device through wireless M-Bus, multipoint temperature measuring and calculation.

Cost-sharing metering

Remote value and parameter readout from the cost-sharing systems with a modem device through wireless M-Bus, incoming/outgoing amount measuring and calculation, web interface.



Reliable and secure data transmission of industrial systems through GPRS network, transparent communication to remote M2M server, display on Scada interface.

Remote data access via GPRS

Wired connection to industrial systems through the modem, then the data is sent to a remote server via GPRS. The communication is a simple, transparent data connection & protocol, which operates between point-point or point-multipoint.

SCADA systems

Connecting to industrial PLC or controllers with a modem communication device, which is capable of accessing their registers through the wireless connection. The readout values are accessed via GPRS and transferred with simple, transparent data connection



Safety and security, fire alarm signal transmitting solutions with our communicator devices working in the mobile network, and web display for remote surveillance.


Monitoring and supervision of remote systems, secure data transmission, M2M server-side monitoring interfaces for dispatcher services.

Boiler monitoring

Deriving important information about the gas boilers operated by the service provider (pressure, temperature, status), ensuring remote control and monitoring as a cost-effective choice.

Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the availability of remote servers and operation environments (server rooms, electricity and network infrastructure) for the service providers.

BTS monitoring

Monitoring and checking the 2G/3G/4G basis stations and GSM towers, GSM repeaters operated and maintained by the service providers.

Cash-register monitoring

Transmission of the data flow and events on cash registers to a remote server operated by the responsible supervising authority.



GPS-based solution for remote surveillance of people or vehicles, for map tracking, safety and security tasks, home and remote supervision

Personal Tracking

Personal tracking from security and surveillance reasons with a GPS tracker device, view on a map tracking solution

Asset tracking

Shipment and package tracking for logistic and security purposes with a GPS device and map service


M2M Pro 2

HSDPA router (with GTM 378 module)

M2M Pro 2
Netto 169.00 EUR


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